A small door ding became a nightmare for a Fisker Ocean owner

Fisker has been floating in the danger zone, teetering on the brink of complete collapse, for months now. That state of limbo looks dramatic from a business standpoint, but the impact on Fisker owners is coming into clearer focus. A recent story from an early Fisker Ocean buyer highlighted the challenges faced by people who bought into the upstart brand, as a simple door ding turned into a nightmare.

Someone hit Joy Wanner’s Ocean, causing minor damage to its door. While that would be an annoying but straightforward fix for most cars, Fisker’s state of near-collapse made the process a real headache. A few weeks after the incident, Wanner’s insurance company totaled the Ocean, though the damage only amounted to a small surface crease and a broken door hinge, with a total cost of just $910. The insurance adjuster admitted that the total could be much higher, though, as he was completely unfamiliar with the brand and its vehicles.

Though she was initially excited to invest in Fisker and its admittedly good-looking EV, the experience soured Wanner on new car companies for good. She told CarScoops, “It was an emotional rollercoaster. One day it would run fine, and the next, a new warning light would blink or ding. It was so frustrating to pay that much money for a car, only to get annoyed every time you used it.”

Adding salt to Wanner’s wounds, she also experienced many of the issues other Fisker owners reported. She hadn’t received a title from the automaker and said it was impossible to get any answers or help. The insurance company ultimately paid out $53,303 for the Ocean, but that paled in comparison to the price Wanner paid for the hassle of owning the SUV.

“We lost over $20,000 investing in this startup EV and I cannot say goodbye fast enough,” she said on Facebook. “The delivery delays, mismanagement of paperwork, reporting issues, and getting case numbers that disappear into thin air, the mysterious warning lights and maddening warning sounds, being trapped inside the vehicle, an unreliable outdated navigation system, one cheaply made barely operational key fob… This vehicle fell very, very short of our expectations and well below my high standards. I hope Henrik Fisker loses every dime he has, and I wish the rest of you the best of luck.”



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