70+ Edtech Companies Transforming the Way We Teach in 2024

For a long time, school classrooms changed very little. Desks, blackboards and chalk, books, pencils and pens—these were the basic teaching supplies for many years. But then everything started to change, rapidly transforming yesterday’s classrooms to tomorrow’s learning spaces. Today’s edtech companies are innovating more new ways to reach students than ever before. Take a look at this big roundup to see what’s available for today’s teachers, students, schools, and classrooms.

Edtech Companies for K-12 Schools

These edtech companies focus on providing solutions for K-12 schools in a variety of subjects and disciplines.

Age of Learning

Known for: ABCMouse, My Reading Academy, My Math Academy

This company offers an array of online learning programs for pre-K and elementary-age kids, with a strong focus on math and reading.


Known for: Desmos Math, Amplify and Boost curriculum programs

Amplify provides core curriculum programs, along with adaptive learning solutions in language arts, science, and math. They also supply intervention programs for students needing assistance with reading and math, and resources for Spanish-speaking students.

Annenberg Learner

Known for: Multimedia K-12 classroom resources and teacher PD

Annenberg Learner provides educational video programs with coordinated online and print materials for classrooms and students. They also focus heavily on professional development for K-12 teachers.

Apex Learning

Known for: Virtual school

As more students opt for virtual school, Apex is one of the top edtech companies that help meet their needs. They offer full- and part-time virtual schooling for students in grades 6-12.


Known for: Online language learning

This subscription-based service offers both self-paced online lessons and live language classes with expert teachers. K-12 schools can use it to augment their language courses or expand the languages they offer to students.


Known for: HOMER reading program

Begin offers several programs to support learning, including the popular HOMER reading program for ages 2 through 8. Their products also include a Sesame Street social-emotional learning program and Little Passports monthly activity kits.


Known for: Professional development for educators

Teachers need (and want) professional development on a regular basis. BetterLesson strives to make it easier to find and access meaningful PD online through videos, workshops, coaching, and more.


Known for: Parent-teacher communication app

Bloomz combines messaging with attendance management, forms and permission slips, appointments and calendars, and much more. See our full review of Bloomz here.


Known for: Online homework and study help

When students get stuck and there’s no teacher around, they can turn to Brainly for help. Other students, along with teachers and subject experts, provide real-time advice and answers.


Known for: Engaging online content for schools and home use

With its array of games, videos, and online activities, BrainPop encourages a stronger connection to learning. They offer programs for schools and districts and families at home. Programs include standard school subjects plus arts, music, health, social-emotional learning, and more.

Civitas Learning

Known for: Education data collection and analysis

The Civitas platform analyzes a wide array of student data to help schools achieve better outcomes across the board.


Class Composer

Known for: Student placement software

This company’s easy-to-use software allows elementary school teachers to create equitable class lists for the upcoming year in less time. If you’re still shuffling pink and blue paper cards or sticky notes to make student placement decisions, using Class Composer can be transformative.


Known for: Classroom community and parent-teacher communication app

The ClassDojo app allows teachers to instantly share announcements, photos, and videos with families on their Class Story, as well as privately message any parent.


Known for: Online classroom app

Using this app, teachers upload content and students review it. Students give responses via quizzes, written answers, drawings, videos, or other input methods, and teachers can provide instant feedback.


Known for: Learning management platform

Clever’s learning platform provides an all-in-one online location for schools and students. With a single sign-on, students and staff can access all the apps and learning programs they need in one safe place.


Known for: Online coding courses

Through both free and paid online courses and tutorials, students can learn a variety of coding and programming languages.


Known for: Free online reading passages

The thousands of student-appropriate reading passages on this site are accompanied by supplemental quizzes and lessons, in both English and Spanish.


Known for: Crowdfunding for teachers and schools

Since GoFundMe isn’t an option for many teachers due to district rules, DonorsChoose stepped in to fill the void. Teachers can set up campaigns for items their classrooms need, and generous donors help fund their needs and wishes. (See 7 DonorsChoose Tips for Teachers here.)

DreamBox Learning

Known for: DreamBox Math and Reading

These online personalized math and reading programs help kids in grades K-12 expand their skills. Parents or teachers can use DreamBox’s programs for kids who need extra help or as enrichment for advanced learners.


Known for: Language-learning app

This is probably the most well-known language-learning app out there. They currently offer more than 40 languages, taught in a gamified way. It’s ideal enrichment for kids who want to learn a new language their school doesn’t offer.


Known for: K-12 curriculum, assessment, and services

With online learning programs like Reading Eggs, Edmentum products support K-12 education in a variety of ways, including project-based learning in the elementary grades.

Elevate K-12

Known for: Live online teaching for schools

Teacher shortages are a serious issue for many schools these days. Elevate K-12 helps solve that problem by providing live online classes taught by certified teachers.


Known for: Online library

Epic provides free online access to thousands of high-quality books for teachers and classrooms (grades 6 and under). Parents can pay a small monthly fee for access at home.


Known for: Digital standards-aligned lessons for K-12

This company’s interactive, game-based lessons focus on real-life skills like financial literacy, career readiness, character education, and more.


Known for: Video discussion and sharing app

Flip (formerly known as Flipgrid) lets teachers pose a prompt for students to answer via videos they record on their own devices. It has endless classroom uses—see our list of 50+ ideas here.


Known for: Digital and web safety for schools

The internet is a big place, and schools need to know their students can explore it safely. GoGuardian provides web-filtering programs for school devices and networks. They can also monitor student browsing to alert staff to potential safety issues.


Known for: Short interactive movement videos

When teachers need to give kids a brain break and get their bodies moving, they turn to GoNoodle. This site’s quick and fun videos have become a phenomenon in elementary classrooms. Their new SuperNoodle SEL curriculum launched in the 2023-24 school year.

Google for Education

Known for: Google Classroom, Chromebooks

The well-known Internet powerhouse is also one of the top edtech companies. With products like Google Classroom, Jamboard, and Google Workspace for Education, they’ve made their way into just about every school. Google’s affordable Chromebooks help make it possible to put a computer into every student’s hands too.


Known for: Online tutoring

This company provides customized tutoring in its online learning space. Tutors offer help with all school subjects and ages, whenever kids need it.


Known for: AI-powered writing assistance

AI is a hot topic in schools today, so edtech companies like Grammarly are leading the way in providing programs for schools that help students use it in responsible ways. Grammarly’s AI assistance for education promotes critical thinking and confidence in written communication for all.

Great Minds

Known for: Eureka Math, PhD Science

Great Minds believes in building knowledge, not just skills. This company was started by a group of K-12 educators and employs teacher-writers to create meaningful curriculum programs in language arts, math, and science.


Known for: Dynamic suite of digital learning solutions

Hurix assists schools in digitizing their existing educational content or creating new digital content tailored to the curriculum requirements, including interactive e-books, multimedia-rich learning materials, and interactive assessments. They also offer LMS solutions, custom e-learning development, and mobile learning opportunities.


Known for: Trustworthy streaming media, e-books, databases, and educator resources

Infobase provides secure, efficient delivery of curated, citable content. They make it easy (and safe) for students to do research on any topic that interests them and for educators to find reliable content for instruction.


Known for: Learning management and analytics

Instructure’s Canvas learning management system helps schools and teachers develop and deliver curriculum in person or remotely. They also offer help with assessment, professional development, and school data analytics.


Known for: Personalized K-12 online curriculum

IXL’s online courses are customizable, so they can be used as a complete homeschool curriculum or as enrichment or support for traditional school students.


Known for: Live online quiz games

This online quiz game generator is incredibly popular, and for good reason. Teachers show the questions, and students use the completely safe app on their own devices (like Chromebooks or smartphones) to respond. There are thousands of quizzes available, or create your own. (Find our 30 Best Kahoot Ideas and Tips here.)

Khan Academy

Known for: Free online learning courses

This nonprofit has one goal: to provide free, quality online learning for students anywhere, anytime. They offer self-paced courses in topics from early reading to AP calculus and everything in between.


Known for: Virtual labs for classrooms

Labster’s immersive virtual labs provide meaningful STEM experiences for schools and students who don’t have the ability to set up their own labs. They cover topics in chemistry, biology, physics, and more.


Known for: Student-appropriate podcasts

A public radio journalist started Listenwise to provide podcast resources for schools. Each audio clip is part of a standards-aligned lesson, with interactive activities and assessments.


Known for: Online classes from experts

Take brief online classes from leading experts in their fields. These are excellent additions to classroom lesson plans.

McGraw Hill

Known for: Online textbooks and learning programs

The esteemed textbook publisher has moved into the digital age, offering many of its textbooks, curriculum programs, and learning resources online.


Known for: Interactive classroom tools for learning and assessment

Nearpod takes digital slideshows and makes them interactive, increasing student engagement and helping teachers assess understanding in real time.


Known for: Free online differentiated news articles

Newsela is a database of free quality nonfiction articles for students from a wide array of sources like The New York Times, The Washington Post, Scientific American, and more than a hundred others. Every article can be adjusted to meet five different reading levels. Read our review of Newsela here.


Known for: Online classes, courses, and tutoring

Whatever a child is interested in learning about, chances are there’s an Outschool class available for it. Teachers, this is a fantastic place to make a little extra money while teaching kids about topics you love!

Panorama Education

Known for: Education data analytics

Panorama’s digital programs help schools track and analyze numbers for attendance, achievement, student satisfaction, and more. Their team helps schools design surveys to track data on items that aren’t necessarily easy to measure, like social-emotional learning and teacher engagement too.


Known for: Free online tutoring

Paper partners with school districts to deliver personalized tutoring, after-school programming, and college and career support—at no cost to families. They work with districts and education departments across the country.

Parallel Learning

Known for: Support for those with learning differences

Smaller schools can have difficulty providing the resources students need, like school psychologists, speech-language pathologists, and other special-ed services. Parallel Learning partners with schools and families to provide these services online.


Known for: Digital school administration programs

This company provides the help schools need on the back end, keeping track of attendance and other important student data. Their data analysis programs can help improve student outcomes and experience too.


Known for: Online quizzes

As Kahoot’s major competitor, Quizizz keeps things clean and focused without all the bells and whistles. Teachers can assign quizzes as homework or use them live in class.


Known for: Digital flash cards and online quizzes

Whether you create your own study set or use one of the thousands already available for free, Quizlet helps make studying easier. Learn how one teacher uses Quizlet with her students here.


Known for: Career and technical education (CTE) simulations that mimic real-life scenarios

Realityworks provides learning aids that combine technology, hands-on experiences, and curriculum materials that help students practice skills for careers in childcare, agriculture, welding, nursing, and more in a controlled and safe environment.


Known for: School communication app

Remind is another very popular school communication app, used by a huge number of teachers and schools. They offer two-way text messaging with translation in 90+ languages, always free. Schools can set up a hub for school-wide messaging, admin check-ins, digital paperwork, and more.

Rosetta Stone

Known for: World language courses

Long known as one of the top edtech companies for learning a new language, Rosetta Stone’s courses can be paired with school language classes or used individually to teach students a language their school doesn’t offer.


Known for: High school calendar app

Saturn’s scheduling app was designed specifically for high school students, who often have complex schedules. Take a picture of a schedule, and Saturn builds a personalized calendar just for you.


Known for: Free school-safe videos

YouTube is a terrific video-sharing site, but it’s not always available at schools. That’s why SchoolTube created a place where students and teachers can safely find and view school-appropriate videos on every subject.


Known for: Easy-to-use screen recording and video editing software

This company’s simple software allows teachers and students to create and share videos in a snap. Teachers can use it to record lessons, with follow-up questions and tracking. They can even track who’s viewed the video and how many times they’ve watched.


Known for: Digital learning platform

This platform was designed specifically to be easy for kids of any age (even kindergartners!) to use on their own. Seesaw has a huge library of free activities for teachers to use, or they can create their own. (Learn more about using Seesaw here.)

Thrive Academics

Known for: Digital assessment tools

Thrive Academics is the exclusive licensor of Performance Series and Achievement Series assessments. The Performance Series helps assess students for placement and proficiency, while the Achievement Series allows educators to easily create their own assessments.

TPT (Teachers Pay Teachers)

Known for: Online marketplace for educational materials

This innovator completely changed the way teachers find and share quality educational resources. They can use it to sell the lesson plans and educational materials they create, or shop the marketplace for ideas to use with their own class.


Known for: K-8 math learning support

Zearn’s free learning platform complements in-class instruction. After learning about a concept in class, students log in to the platform for videos, games, interactive activities, and differentiated support.


Known for: Virtual- and augmented-reality experiences in STEM education

With innovative use of hardware and software, zSpace enables students to manipulate virtual objects and conduct experiments in a realistic and immersive virtual environment.

More Edtech Companies To Know

Here are more impressive and innovative edtech companies to explore.


Known for: Study abroad marketplace

High school and college students looking to spend a semester abroad can use ApplyBoard’s huge database to find programs that match their needs.


Known for: Online textbook marketplace and study help

This company started as a place to buy, sell, or rent college textbooks. It now also offers real-time homework and study assistance.

Course Hero

Known for: Online customized study resources

When college students need help with resources for a course, they turn to Course Hero. Other students share their study documents, creating a database that gets better over time.


Known for: Online college courses

Although Coursera aims its material toward adults, it’s also a terrific way for high school students to get enrichment in subjects their own schools don’t offer. They may even earn college credit.


Known for: Online courses in photography, videography, and related arts

For those looking to turn their love of the arts into a potential business, CreativeLive offers online courses in a wide array of subjects, from wedding and portrait photography to illustration and graphic design.


Known for: CourseBuilder

While it mostly caters to higher education, Everspring can help anyone bring their courses online. They also aid in marketing, enrollment and student services, and instructional design.


Known for: Alta adaptive learning courseware

Alta uses adaptive learning technology to help college students succeed in courses across the curriculum. High school students looking for enrichment may find benefit here too.

Mentor Collective

Known for: Mentor and research partnerships

Colleges use Mentor Collective to partner their students with mentors and research partners at major companies and institutions.


Known for: Online courses in business topics

Geared toward professional development for businesses, Skillsoft’s courses in leadership and tech skills are terrific options for teachers. Even high school students can benefit from some of these programs.

Wolfram Alpha

Known for: Academic search engine

Think of this like Google for academic subjects. It makes research on any subject easier, faster, and more reliable, focusing its results on academic resources.

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Technology has been changing classrooms for decades. Here are the edtech companies making a big splash in the market today.

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