7 Reasons to Be Optimistic About the Future of Labor in Floriculture

In Greenhouse Grower’s January issue, we asked labor contractors and advisors, as well as leading human resources firms, what they are most excited about when it comes to the future of labor in floriculture. Here’s what they had to say.

  • Geneiva McNeale, GLM Leadership Solutions: “I’m most excited about when we finally get to a point where leaders who have been successful in their business and leadership start to realize and embrace the changes that are being requested by younger, new talent.”
  • Benjamin Molenda, BEST Human Capital & Advisory Group: “I’m excited about people our age shaping the industry.”
  • Harrison Downing, BEST Human Capital & Advisory Group: “I’m excited about horticulture finding the best ways to use technology.”
  • Paige Franks, BEST Human Capital & Advisory Group: “A big reason for the labor shortage is stemming from burnout. I am curious to see how the next generation mitigates that with work-life balance and mental health resources.”
  • Justin Bartlett, Legacy Labor: “I’m excited to see how businesses will evolve with technology. It will not replace the workforce, it will help it.”
  • Megan Wright, masLabor: “I’m excited for ongoing innovation that is continuing to support the industry, and I have been meeting more young people joining our community.”
  • Lawrence Williams, Manzana: “The growers I work with are a great group of individuals. They’re always trying to do innovative things to help their company and the industry.”

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