59 Best Gifts for Parents, Moms, and Dads in 2024

Finding the best gifts for parents of all kinds—whether that means your biological mom and dad, step- or adopted parents, in-laws, chosen guardians, new parents in your friend group, or some mix of the whole bunch—is always tough. It’s a dance of being one step ahead of the proactive parents who buy everything they need themselves, and circumventing the practical kinds who always say they prefer a giant wad of cash over something transient like a bouquet. Whatever the case, if you can get away with giving just one present to both parents at the same time, by all means go for it.

Below, we’ve got plenty of thoughtful gifts for parents and any parent-types on your list that run the gamut from sentimental keepsakes to useful gadgets for the parents always losing their keys. Of course, we’ve also included a few surprises and personalized gifts that might be just perfect for the stumpers who you’re really not sure what to get yet.

The Best Gifts for Parents Shopping Guide

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