50 Best Teacher Appreciation Gifts in 2024, According to Teachers

Teacher Appreciation Week starts on May 6 in 2024, but there’s no need to confine your teacher appreciation gifts to just one week. We’ve rounded up some terrific items that teachers will really enjoy, from cute but practical to downright decadent and delicious. Plus, we surveyed 120 teachers from across the country to find out what they really want, and we’re sharing their tips and ideas with you here.

Cheryl M., a senior English teacher from New York, wants you to know one important thing: “Teachers are easy to please. Any gift matters to us. We love cards and pictures! It doesn’t have to be expensive!” With that in mind, here are some of the top gifts teachers say have made them feel appreciated throughout their careers.

#1 Teacher Appreciation Gift for 2024: Gift Cards

One of the most popular teacher appreciation gifts is also one of the easiest: gift cards! Teachers love getting to choose what they really want for themselves, from places like Amazon, Target, Starbucks, and others.

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Teacher Gift Card Holders

Some people worry that gift cards don’t feel “personal” enough. If that’s the case, you can always spring for a creative or personalized gift card holder. Here are some of our favorites.

Examples of printable teacher thank you gift card holders including one for Target and one for Starbucks.
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Free Printable Gift Card Holders

Our free printable gift card holders are themed to match your cards! There are options for Amazon, Target, Starbucks, and any other gift card you choose.

Get it: Free Printable Gift Card Holders

Gift card holder saying

Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Card Holder

This one is designed specifically for Teacher Appreciation Week. Buy this digital file once and you’ll have a printable you can use year after year.

Buy it: Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Card Holder at Etsy

Paper coffee-shaped gift card holders with punny thank-you messages

Coffee-Themed Gift Card Holders

If you’re gifting a Starbucks or Dunkin’ card, these holders are absolutely perfect!

Buy it: Coffee-Themed Gift Card Holders at Amazon

Set of 24 paper gift card holders shaped like a pencil

Pencil Gift Card Holder

This affordable set nets you 24 of these pencil-shaped card holders. The front and back both have plenty of room to add a personalized note of thanks.

Buy it: Pencil Gift Card Holder at Amazon

Small clipboard with text reading A Good Teacher can change a class. A Great Teacher can change a life.

Clipboard Gift Card Holder

This gift card holder is absolutely adorable, and it’s reusable too. Your teacher can use it to pass on the love, or tuck notes or pictures inside the slot.

Buy it: Clipboard Gift Card Holder at Etsy

Selection of paper gift card holders shaped like pots of flowers with sentimental thank you messages for teachesr

Flower Gift Card Holders

These holders are so pretty, and the sentimental messages help you express your true appreciation.

Buy it: Flower Gift Card Holders at Amazon

Best Low-Cost Teacher Appreciation Gift: Thank-You Notes

When it comes right down to it, what teachers really want is to know all their hard work truly is making a difference. The best way to show that is to write them a thank-you note. Whether from a parent, child, administrator, or co-worker, a heart-felt letter detailing all the things that makes them unique is really one of the best gifts a teacher can get.

“Besides gift cards, one of the teacher gifts that made me feel most appreciated was handwritten thank-you notes or cards from students,” shares a math teacher from Texas. “The heartfelt words written by students convey deep appreciation and warmth, which makes me feel truly valued and encouraged.”

While a note is wonderful, you can make your note even more special using one of these ideas.

Six examples of subject-specific teacher thank-you cards.
We Are Teachers
Colorable card saying Thank You For Being a Great Teacher

Colorable Card

Kids can color this card any way they like. Then they (or you) can write a sincere note to their teacher inside.

Buy it: Colorable Teacher Thank-You Card at Etsy

The Teacher Appreciation Book cover and sample page

The Teacher Appreciation Book

Help kids make a keepsake that teachers will treasure. Each page of this book offers prompts to inspire students to write their favorite memories and thoughtful words any teacher will love to hear.

Buy it: The Teacher Appreciation Book at Amazon

Digital card with pictures of crayons and text reading The World Needs More Teachers Like You

Punchbowl Digital Greeting Card

If you want to send something online but an email just doesn’t feel like enough, these digital greeting cards might fit the bill. They’re gorgeous and fully customizable, and you can even include a digital gift card if you like!

Buy it: Teacher Cards at Punchbowl

Treats: Teacher Appreciation Gifts To Eat or Drink

One of the best things about food and drink gifts is that teachers don’t need to find a place to display or store them … they can just enjoy them! Just be aware of any potential allergies or food preferences (not everyone drinks alcohol, for instance). Remember that candy and baked goods aren’t your only options; math teacher Emily Wilde’s favorite teacher gift of all time was “homemade bread and fresh eggs from a family’s chickens”!

Pro tip: Ask your child what their teacher’s favorite snacks or beverages are. They probably already know!

Grubhub logo and text reading

Have lunch or coffee delivered

Bring teachers lunch or a delicious pick-me-up drink on Teacher Appreciation Day. Just be sure to ask their preferences and take orders in advance, so you an accommodate food allergies, special diets, and other restrictions.

No time to do your own deliveries? That’s why Grubhub and DoorDash exist!

Box of Godiva chocolates

Godiva Truffles

You usually can’t go wrong with chocolate. But if you really want to make them feel special, splurge on a gourmet option like Godiva. “Quality over quantity!” advises one Utah English teacher.

Buy it: Godiva Chocolatier Patisserie Dessert Truffles at Amazon

Tray of 25 mini cupcakes with a rainbow-colored thank you box
Baked by Melissa

Baked by Melissa Mini Cupcakes

Nothing says celebration like scrumptious cupcakes! You can bake them yourself, of course, but if you don’t have the time, try this selection of flavors like S’mores, Cake Batter Crumble, and Electric Tie-Dye. There are even gluten-free and vegan options. Check out their latest discount codes.

Buy it: Thank-You Cupcake Gift Box at Baked by Melissa

Assorted scones from Seven Sisters Scones
Seven Sisters Scones

Seven Sisters Scones

Here’s another yummy snack option: tender scones. They come in sweet and savory, and you can customize the flavor selections too. Psst! Save 10% with code: SISTER.

Buy it: Sconie™ (Mini-Scone) Sampler at Seven Sisters Scones

A can and case of Dr. Pepper Zero Sugar soda

Their Favorite Drink

This is an affordable but highly appreciated gift. Pair a case of their favorite potable with a thank-you note and your child’s teacher will treasure you forever. Not sure what their favorite beverage is? Ask your child what drink they see on their teacher’s desk after lunch … they’ll know.

Buy it: Dr. Pepper Zero Sugar at Target

Cravebox with sweet and salty snacks


One teacher says, “I know I’m not the only teacher who feels better having a stash of snacks in their cupboard. I like to know that I’ve got something there to offer a hungry student or grab if I forget my lunch.” Snacks will never not be appreciated, and this box offers an excellent variety.

Buy it: Cravebox at Amazon

Chocolate chip cookie

Crumbl Cookies

California 5th grade teacher Nancy Cowan was once wowed by a gift of custom-decorated sugar cookies. Another great option is that iconic Crumbl Cookie pastel-pink box, full of the most decadent cookies around. No store near you? Crumbl Cookies ships nationwide!

Buy it: Crumbl Cookies at Crumbl

An edible arrangement of fruit in a tin reading Thank You
Edible Arrangements

Edible Arrangement

Healthy snacks can be delicious (and beautiful) too! Edible Arrangements are always popular, and they offer lots of yummy treats that are good for you too.

Buy it: Thank You Delicious Fruit at Edible Arrangements

Teacher Keepsake Gifts

These teacher appreciation gifts help preserve the memories of a particular year, class, event, or student. Educators can display these in their classrooms for years to come!

Memento Video or Album

Elementary language arts teacher Kristi B. never felt more appreciated than when she received a video of each of her students sharing a special message just for her. A collaborative video or digital album is one of the sweetest, most personal teacher gifts you can give. But they can be really time-consuming to put together. That’s where Memento comes in. This online platform helps you easily assemble everything you need, then put it together into one super gift.

Buy it: Memento Video or Album

Design of raised hands made of word clouds of names (Teacher Appreciation Gifts)

Raise Your Hand Word Art

Want a unique way to mark a memorable year? This art print turns student names into word clouds in the shape of raised hands. Clever!

Buy it: Teacher Appreciation Word Art at Etsy

Hot air balloon made of student thumbprints with note reading Thanks for Lifting Us Up

Thumbprint Art

How cute is this idea? Each student contributes their thumbprint to make an uplifting keepsake for their teacher.

Buy it: Thumbprint Art at Etsy

Class photo with a mat showing all the students' names in colorful letters

Class Photo Frame

Featuring the names of all the students, this photo frame is a sweet way to display a class photo from a memorable year.

Buy it: Class Photo Frame at Etsy

Things My Students Said book cover

Things My Students Said

Give teachers a place to record the hilarious, touching, and inspirational stuff that comes out of the mouths of their students. It’s something they’ll love looking back on again and again.

Buy it: Things My Students Said at Amazon

Practical Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Most teachers love fun office supplies, and they go through things like pens, pencils, and sticky notes like they’re water. They also appreciate items that can help them stay organized or communicate while showing off their teacher personality.

A personalized eraser for a dry erase board, wrapped in a cellophane bag with two dry erase markers and tied with a blue plaid bow

Personalized Whiteboard Set

Chalkboards are a thing of the past now, and whiteboards are where it’s at! This personalized whiteboard eraser packaged with a few new markers makes a really cool gift for any teacher.

Buy it: Personalized Whiteboard Set at Etsy

Simple label maker printer with roll of tape

Label Maker

Part of a teacher’s job (and one many of them absolutely love!) includes organization. Label makers will definitely upgrade their organization systems. Think of the endless possibilities!

Buy it: Label Maker at Amazon

Wooden sticky note holders with teacher's name printed on a wooden pencil on top, used as teacher appreciation gifts
Collage of personalized teacher stamps (Teacher Appreciation Gifts)
Pack of colorful pencils saying Personalize Me (Teacher Appreciation Gifts)

Personalized Pencils

We can’t even begin to count how many pencils teachers go through in a school year. Help them hang on to at least a few of them with a personalized pack that’s all their own.

Buy it: Personalized Pencils at Etsy

A sheet of Pipstickers with text saying

Fun Stickers

Kids and teachers share a love of stickers. One of our favorite sources for unique picks is Pipsticks, which even offers sticker subscription boxes!

Buy it: Thank-You Stickers at Pipsticks

Personalized notecard showing book spines and a teacher's name

Personalized Stationery

Even in this email age we’re living in, teachers still pen a lot of handwritten notes, so give them customized stationery that fits their personality. Montessori teacher Donna Paul remembers one particularly thoughtful gift: “I love cats and I also use sticky notes a lot so the best gift I ever received was a personalized sticky notepad with a cat on it!”

Buy it: Painted Book Spines at Minted

Adjustable phone stand that looks like two thumbs up, empty and holding a tablet

Phone/Tablet Stand

Practical and fun, this smart stand adjusts to hold phones or tablets upright so teachers can easily go hands-free. It comes in tons of hues too, so you can get one in your school colors or your teacher’s favorite shade.

Buy it: Honsky Thumbs-Up Phone Stand at Amazon

Pastel rainbow wooden bookmarks with an apple silhouette on top, reading

Custom Bookmark

These are perfect for your child’s favorite reading or language arts teacher. You can choose from a few different wording options, but this one’s our favorite.

Buy it: Personalized Teacher Bookmarks at Etsy

Personalized notebook with bows and words Miss Roberts

Personalized Notebook

Real Teacher Story: “A group of students gifted me a notebook this year. It meant so much to me that I wanted to use it for something special. I decided to write down funny moments that happen throughout the years and give it to them for a graduation gift.” This one is adorable, can be personalized, and is less than $15.

Buy it: Personalized Notebook at Etsy

Round sticker with images of books and an apple. Text Reads This Book Belongs to Mrs. Hamilton. Read It. Love It. Return It.

Teacher Library Bookplates

Classroom libraries tend to include a lot of books teachers paid for with their own money. Help them ensure those books always come back home again with personalized bookplate stickers.

Buy it: Personalized Bookplates at Etsy

Wearable Teacher Appreciation Gifts: Apparel, Jewelry & Accessories

Give them a way to show off their teacher style with these wearable gifts. (If you’re worried about getting sizes right, opt for something like socks or jewelry rather than a T-shirt.)

Socks that look like a number 2 pencil and notebook paper
Two elastic hair ties, one with a chalkboard theme and one with a ruler theme, on a card that reads

Teacher Hair Ties

Does your favorite teacher love to sport ponytails? Then these cute school-themed hair ties will make fabulous teacher appreciation gifts! They come in sets of three in a wide variety of patterns.

Buy it: Teacher Hair Ties at Etsy

Black lanyard with equations like E=mc2 printed on it
Book stack dangle teacher earrings

Book Stack Earrings

These adorable statement earrings are perfect to dress up any outfit, even on jeans day! When it’s a messy bun day, your child’s teacher will feel more put together with these fun earrings.

Buy it: Book Stack Earrings at Amazon

Tie with alegbra equations on it

Teacher Tie

For the teachers you know and love that have an impressive collection of quirky ties, buy them a new one to add to their collection. (Find more fun teacher ties here.)

Buy it: Math Tie at Amazon

More Popular Teacher Appreciation Gifts

bouquet of Bouqs assorted, colorful farm-fresh flowers on a table, as an example of teacher appreciation gifts


If you’ve got a garden, put together your own bouquet. Otherwise, brighten a teacher’s day with beautiful blooms from Bouqs. Choose from a variety of sizes and styles. These flowers are sourced directly from farmers who use sustainable growing practices like minimizing waste and recycling water.

Buy it: Farmer’s Choice Bouquet at Bouqs

A bouquet of popup paper sunflowers, with a popup thank you card and matching envelopes
Small white ceramic planter with a succulent. Printing on the planter reads "Thank You for Helping Me Grow" with a rainbow and teacher's name

Succulent Planter

Give them an easy-care succulent in a personalized planter for a thoughtful gift that lasts. You can pick up a succulent at the grocery store or local nursery to pop into this cute little pot.

Buy it: Personalized Succulent Planter at Etsy

Sage green bento box filled with healthy foods, and a fork and spoon that fit into the lid

Bento Box

These are all the rage now, and perfect for packing healthy and delicious teacher lunches. Personalize yours by adding their name with permanent vinyl lettering, and fill it with delicious snacks and candy for a practical, delicious gift they’ll love.

Buy it: Bento Box at Amazon

Collage of audiobooks with headline Give the gift of Audible (Teacher Appreciation Gifts)

Audible Membership

Give a lit-loving teacher plenty of audiobooks to enjoy during their much-deserved downtime. Audible gift memberships are available from one month to a year, so there are options for all price ranges.

Buy it: Audible Gift Membership at Amazon

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