5 surprising predictions for what’s hot on baby registries in 2024

“Sad beige moms,” step aside. 2024 baby registries are looking bright and cheerful, a bit minimalistic and pared back to necessities only. In an Instagram post, the Poppylist baby registry founder Sarah Hollingsworth makes her predictions based on their 2023 purchasing data, talking to industry experts, and “gut feeling,” she says.

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Before jumping into her “what’s in, what’s out” predictions, she says the overall vibe is less is more. “We’re already a culture of overconsumption, and if we can educate people that they don’t need ‘all the things’ the internet is telling them they need, then we can live a life with less—and that immediately leads to less overwhelm. And parenting is already overwhelming. Why would we add to it with stuff?” she says in an interview with Motherly.

Along the same lines, she predicts less interest in techy gadgets from baby monitoring trackers.

“Life is already hard enough. We’re a stressful people running high on anxiety. When you add the monitors, the pulsometer socks, the feeding, pooping, and sleeping trackers, etc…we’re only fueling our subconscious fears, making us more anxious,” she says. “No tool or gadget is smarter than a parent’s intuition— especially a mother’s.”

Turns out, AI might not be able to replace mama’s intuition after all. Here’s what she does think will be trending this year, as parents and gifters alike take a hard look at the necessity, and quality, of their purchases.

2024 baby registry predictions

Bassinets are out, cribs are in

Hollingsworth predicts metal and cardboard bassinets especially are on the way out in favor of convertible cribs. “Parents are looking for product longevity, and cribs that can take their baby from the infant stage through toddlerhood are a must for most,” she says, pointing to some of the most chosen cribs on Poppylist:



3-1 Cloud Crib

Yuzu 8-1 Crib



Yuzu 8-1 Crib

Gelato 4-1 Crib



Gelato 4-1 Crib

Fancy 4-In-1 Crib

Delta Children


Fancy 4-In-1 Crib

Marley 3-1 Crib



Marley 3-1 Crib

Second hand store gift cards

New moms are ready to embrace a less-waste society, and more open than ever to second hand store gift cards. “There are two leaders in the market for open-boxed or gently used baby items, and they are GoodBuyGear and Rebelstork. Adding these gift cards to your registry is a great idea. You can use these gift cards to purchase items off your registry that weren’t gifted to you, or you can use them as your kids grow into items that don’t necessarily need to be brand new, like a wagon, scooter, or jogging stroller,” Hollingsworth says.

Here are a few to consider:

  • Once Upon a Child: Nationally franchised consignment store for all things kids, ranging from baby equipment to boys and girls clothing. Along with buying there, once parents are done with products, they can consign products and make additional money or store credit for future purchases as the baby grows.
  • Kid to Kid: Similar to Once Upon a Child, they provide clothing, sporting gear, dancewear, toys and baby equipment. Established 30 years ago, Kid to Kid can primarily be found along the East and West coasts of the United States.
  • Good Buy Gear: An open box and gently used baby and kid gear, with everything from toys to equipment to travel gear.
  • Just Between Friends: Cash might be king when it comes to giving baby gifts, especially if shopping Just Between Friends local consignment sales. A nationally franchised pop-up consignment sale that happens throughout the United States, often in the fall and spring. Includes clothing, equipment, and toys at consignor-determined prices. 

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No more beige mom aesthetics

If you are the mom with a beige stroller, diaper bag, and nursery, it’s time to add some color to your life. “2023 was the year of the ‘sad beige aesthetic’ on TikTok, but we’re seeing a rapid shift moving into 2024 for pops of color. Pantone released their 2024 Color of the Year, Peach Fuzz. Pantone says this color captures our desire to nurture ourselves and others. It’s a velvety, gentle peach tone whose all-embracing spirit enriches mind, body, and soul. And honestly, we love this for nursery design! Goodbye beige, hello peach,” Hollingsworth predicts.

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Try these more colorful options ahead of spring vibes:

Colorful and bright dinosaur mobile from Target

Cloud Island


Colorful and bright dinosaur mobile from Target

Farm fresh bright colored nursery theme from Target

Cloud Island

Farm fresh bright colored nursery theme from Target

All the bright wallpaper hues


All the bright wallpaper hues

Washable kids rugs


Washable kids’ rugs

Organic high-quality fabric 

If you aren’t participating in fast fashion trends yourself, it’s likely that you are selecting higher quality fabrics for your baby as well, with an eye on them lasting much longer. Look out for 100% OEKO-TEX certifications, Hollingsworth says, which test for products’ substances that can harm our health. Others are GOTS-certified, meaning truly organic.

baby neutral outfit in the most amazing teal color

Cloud Island


Baby Wide Rib Side Snap Bodysuit & Pants Set (in the most amazing teal hue)

baby blanket GOTS certified

Burt’s Bees


Baby Blanket (GOTS certified)

baby clothes and products GOTS certified


baby clothes and products (GOTS certified)

sheets and pajamas (GOTS certified)



sheets and pajamas (GOTS certified)

“Pregnancy is the gateway for people’s non-toxic or ‘low-tox’ journey, and for good reason. As we continue to learn about PFAs, also known as ‘forever chemicals,’ and the harmful materials used for certain products, we’re starting to see a shift in parental demand for safer and cleaner products,” Hollingsworth says, adding that babies, in particular, can be a vulnerable population. “The terms toxic and non-toxic can feel scary and binary. Knowledge is power. Choose products that align with your values and concerns; don’t stress about the rest.” For example, you might value products like Little Sleepies crib sheets and pajamas who donate a portion of each sale to a cause.

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Postpartum meal services

Sure, we love the gesture behind dropping off a homemade casserole. But in the age of food allergies and sensitivities, and preferences from other siblings, it might be easier for moms to have their pick. Here are a few that are easy to gift or buy for yourself:

Gobble Meal Delivery Service


Meal Services

Everything comes premeasured, pre chopped and food can be ready in 15 minutes, and there are vegetarian and lean & green options.

Marley Spoon

Marley Spoon

Meal Services

Ideal for postpartum parents who also have other kids at home, Marley Spoon offers family-friendly options, along with gluten-free, vegetarian, and other special dietary restrictions available. And if you’re looking for variety, they have over 100 recipes to choose from each week.

But, like all momming decisions, feel free to throw out what’s trending, or what others think, and follow your mama gut to pick the best products for your own family. After all, you know your baby, and yourself, best.

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