5 Best Silicone Rings 2024: Tell the Gym You're Taken

The only thing your partner and the trainer breathing down your neck at the gym agree on? (Y’know, aside from your general wellbeing.) Silicone rings. Why? Well, as it turns out, when it comes to telegraphing your allegiance to a loved one when you’re breaking a sweat those discreet rubber bands are far superior to their gold and silver counterparts—and might actually be safer, too. Allow us to explain.

The Best Silicone Rings Shopping Guide

For most folks, picking out a traditional metal ring represents one of the more joyous parts of the nuptials process. But if you’re prone to losing pricy jewelry, or slanging big weights in the squat rack, silicone wedding rings are a great alternative that minimize the odds of damaging your band—or worse, your fingers. Silicone is hypoallergenic and easy on sensitive skin, but it also happens to be extremely flexible, which makes it ideal for situations that require a little added give. Where a metal band might get scratched or end up pulling down on your finger, a silicone band will stretch with you, reducing pressure on your prized digits before sliding back into place once the pressure alleviates.

Still not convinced of its benefits? We spoke to a couple of experts below to further bolster the case. And then we took the liberty of aggregating five of the best silicone rings available right now to help you stay committed—to your long-suffering significant other, and the New Year’s fitness resolutions you haven’t quit yet.

The Best Overall: Qalo Step Edge Ring

If you’re looking for a silicone wedding band that can withstand some roughing up wherever you’re headed–the gym, the trails, the rec league you signed up for on a whim—the Step Edge is your best bet. Made from durable, 9 mm-wide silicone, the thick band is designed to lodged in place when things get extra sweaty. Better yet, it’s available in every shade of brooding matte tones a goth kid could ask for, making it extremely ease to find one that passes the vibe check.

The Best for Minimalists: Groove Life Thin Ring

Groove Life’s slim, discreet ring is about as classic as it gets. At only 5.5mm wide, it starts off snug before stretching with your fingers. Oh, and if you’re worried about your digits clamming up mid sweat-sesh, don’t—interior grooves allow for maximum airflow, a flourish you’ll appreciate when your lil’ fingies swell to double their size while you’re shvitzing through that last rep.

The Best for Hardcore Gym Rats: ThunderFit Silicone Ring

How do you do, fellow fitness buffs? If you answered that in your head, reflexively, in between deadlift sets, this is the band you’re looking for. The very macho fellas at ThunderFit craft their rings from hypoallergenic silicone designed to give under pressure, so they don’t constrict—or slip—when you’re maxing out on the bench. If you’ve lost one too many lesser options to the gnarly crevices of the gym locker room, cough up the single Hamilton and buy one, or five, of these instead.

The Best for Fancy Guys: Enso Thin Legend Silicone Ring


Thin Legend Silicone Ring

If you want a silicone ring that looks a little less, well, silicone-y, Enso’s assortment of stackable metallic bands is right up your alley. With steely colors like gunmetal and rose gold, each of ‘em is a flexible counterpart to full metals—but way more comfortable, and a lot less expensive. Glance down at your knuckles while you’re huffing and puffing on the elliptical and you might mistake yours for the one you actually got married in.

The Best for Your Buck: Ridge Silicone Ring Set

The lure of a BOGO deal probably doesn’t come to mind when you think about wedding rings—but it’s definitely a bonus when you’re in the market for a silicone stand-in. With a curved edge and patented “no-pinch” fit, the Ridge ring comes as a set of two, along with a handy travel case for kicks. Even better, the kind-vibes folks behind this silicone beauty understand that ring size can fluctuate over time, so they offer two exchanges with each purchase—totally gratis.

Your Silicone-Related FAQs, Answered

When should you wear a silicone ring?

Silicone rings are especially great when you’re working out. Matthew Williams, a principal instructor at Barry’s gym in Los Angeles, started wearing one to keep his wedding band safe and secure. “I recommend a silicone band for any workout where weights are involved, like lifting kettlebells or dumbbells, as it can withstand more friction than a metal one and won’t get scratched easily.” Silicone is more slip-resistant and flexible than metal, Williams adds, which makes it a great deal more comfortable if your fingers swell when you’re exercising due to increased blood circulation.

Is silicone safe for all skin types?

Silicone is also an especially a great option for fellas with sensitive skin says Dr. James Kilgour, MD, a Stanford Resident Dermatologist and founder of KilgourMD. “Skin allergies to silicones are extremely rare.” (Metal allergies—particularly to nickel, which is frequently used as a base metal in the US—are way more common.) Allergic reactions to silicone might be the exception, but if this is your first experience with the material, Dr. Kilgour advises being on the alert for a “red, itchy, possibly blistering rash” near the skin that comes into contact with it, an atypical flare-up he attributes to the dyes used—not the silicone itself.

How often should you clean a silicone ring?

Silicone is tough, but it’s not immune to dirt. “Thankfully, silicone is extremely easy to take care of,” says Dr. Kilgour. “Every time you wash your hands, use some hand soap to clean the surface of the ring and move it back and forth on your finger to also clean the skin below. This will keep your hands and ring clean and healthy.” Williams, of Barry’s LA, advises the same, great news if you’re used to removing a vault’s worth of jewelry before you shower or hit the gym—which is probably what brought you here in the first place.

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