35 Best End-of-Year Teacher Gifts in 2024, According to Teachers

Yet another school year is almost on the books! But before you think about summer vacation, why not consider giving the teachers in your life end-of-year teacher gifts? They deserve it! Whether you’re a room parent, a fellow teacher, or a parent looking for ideas, we’ve gathered a variety of end-of-year teacher gifts that fit every budget.

To make sure these really are the best gifts, we spoke to 120 teachers to find out what they really want and appreciate most. Some of their top tips:

  • Personalize your pick. One 2nd grade teacher advises, “Be intentional with the gift and get things that they like and will actually use. If you were with kids all day, what would make you feel good at the end of the day?”
  • Ask what they like. Remember that not everyone drinks alcohol or can have sweet treats, so be mindful of likes, dislikes, restrictions, and preferences. Teacher Amanda Christensen recommends checking with your school office to see if they have relevant information, since many of them have teachers fill out questionnaires at the beginning of each year.
  • Go simple. Teachers really just want to know they’ve done their jobs well. One teacher notes that one of her favorite end-of-year gifts was “a handwritten note from a student telling me what she loved about my classroom and enjoyed during the year.”

With those tips in mind, here are some of the best end-of-year teacher gifts that educators say they’d truly enjoy receiving.

Best End-of-Year Teacher Gifts for 2024

The best gifts are heartfelt, so you can’t go wrong with a personalized note. For even more impact, add a gift card to a favorite restaurant or store.

We Are Teachers
Two amazon gift cards held up in front of a colorful whiteboard.
We Are Teachers
Examples of printable teacher thank you gift card holders including one for Target and one for Starbucks.
We Are Teachers

Free Printable Gift Card Holders

Want to make your gift card feel a little more personal? Add a holder with a note to the teacher. Our free printable gift card holders are themed to match your cards! There are options for Amazon, Target, Starbucks, and any other gift card you choose.

Get it: Free Printable Gift Card Holders

Edible End-of-Year Teacher Gifts

Grubhub logo and text reading

Have Lunch or Coffee Delivered

Teachers like Christina H. love “food or drinks to enjoy during the school day (a breakfast taco, a coffee, a drink).” Ask their preferences and take orders in advance. Then bring teachers lunch or a delicious pick-me-up on a day and time that works best for them.

No time to do your own deliveries? That’s why Grubhub and DoorDash exist!

Chocolate chip cookie

Crumbl Cookies

California 5th grade teacher Nancy Cowan was once wowed by a gift of custom-decorated sugar cookies. Another great option is that iconic Crumbl Cookie pastel pink box, full of the most decadent cookies around. No store near you? Crumbl Cookies ships nationwide!

Buy it: Crumbl Cookies

Box of Godiva chocolates

Godiva Truffles

You usually can’t go wrong with chocolate. But if you really want to make them feel special, splurge on a gourmet option like Godiva. “Quality over quantity!” advises one Utah English teacher.

Buy it: Godiva Chocolatier Patisserie Dessert Truffles

An edible arrangement of fruit in a tin reading Thank You
Edible Arrangements

Edible Arrangement

Healthy snacks can be delicious (and beautiful) too! Edible Arrangements are always popular, and they offer lots of yummy treats that are good for you too.

Buy it: Thank You Delicious Fruit

Regal Movie Meal gift card set

Dinner and a Movie Gift Cards

Treat your teacher to a fun night out with this all-in-one set, which gives them gift cards for movie tickets and a meal at one of several participating restaurants.

Buy it: Dinner and a Movie Gift Cards

Teacher Gifts To Celebrate School-Year Memories

Why You're the Best Teacher Ever book

Why You’re the Best Teacher Ever Book

Teachers love looking back over the best parts of any school year. Your child can fill it out on their own, adding illustrations if they like. Or for a truly special teacher gift, coordinate with other parents to have each kid in the class contribute a page. That’s a keepsake that a teacher will treasure forever!

Buy it: Why You’re the Best Teacher Ever Journal

End of year teacher gift showing student photos in the shape of an apple

Class Photo Collage

Got classroom photos? Why not make them into a custom photo keepsake for your teacher? It’s like a Zoom session for the wall!

Buy it: Apple for the Teacher

Variety of photo reel viewers in blue, red, black, white, and wood
Uncommon Goods

Personalized Reel Viewer

Older teachers will especially love this one, with its cool retro appeal. Gather up a selection of photos with all their best teacher memories, and get a custom set of View-Master cards to cherish forever.

Buy it: Personalized Reel Viewer

Memento Video or Album

Elementary language arts teacher Kristi B. never felt more appreciated than when she received a video of each of her students sharing a special message just for her. A collaborative video or digital album is one of the sweetest, most personal teacher gifts you can give. But they can be really time-consuming to put together. That’s where Memento comes in. This online platform helps you easily assemble everything you need, then put it together into one super gift.

Buy it: Memento Video or Album at Memento

Hot air balloon made of student thumbprints with note reading Thanks for Lifting Us Up

Thumbprint Art

How cute is this idea? Each student contributes their thumbprint to make an uplifting keepsake for their teacher.

Buy it: Thumbprint Art

End-of-Year Teacher Gifts for Summer Fun and Relaxation

Light blue socks with soles saying

Comfy Teacher Socks

As the socks say: “This teacher is off-duty!” Pair them with some yummy treats or a Starbucks gift card for an afternoon of relaxation.

Buy it: Teacher Socks  

Spafinder Gift Card

Spa Gift Card

Time to kick up their feet and relax! With this gift card, teachers can choose the services they are interested in and can use it at spas found nationally. (Check to make sure you have a location near you that accepts the gift card.)

Buy it: Spafinder Gift Card at Amazon 

Black mesh beach tote filled with towels, water bottles, flip flops, and more

Beach-Ready Tote

Texas 1st grade teacher MQ loved this gift: “A beach bag full of summer fun that I still l use—towel, sunscreen, travel tumbler, and canned drinks.” When they’re not at the beach, the tote can double as an extra teacher bag.

Buy it: Dejaroo Mesh Sand-Free Beach Tote

Brown gingham foldable picnic blanket with carrying handle

Picnic Blanket

At the beach, the park, or the top of a mountain, this foldable picnic blanket is perfect for enjoying warm summer picnics or a cozy nap outdoors.

Buy it: Picnic Blanket

Ivory colored book with title Five Minute Journal

Five-Minute Journal

As summer days begin, teachers can use this journal to reflect on the past year, plan for the year to come, and just take time to enjoy the sweet summer days in between.

Buy it: Five-Minute Journal

Lego orchid set with box

LEGO Flowers

Real Teacher Story: “I received a LEGO house built to resemble a school with a figurine that represented me and a dinosaur to represent the student who built it.” So personal and fun!

If you want to give teachers a relaxing activity they’ll enjoy themselves, consider a set of LEGO flowers. Designed just for adults, these sets are popular and make amazing classroom decorations.

Buy it: LEGO Orchid

100 Hikes of a Lifetime book cover

100 Hikes of a Lifetime

If your teacher loves to get out into nature, a book like this is a terrific end-of-year gift. It gives them ideas for summer hikes, now and for years to come!

Buy it: 100 Hikes of a Lifetime

TaylorMade golf balls

Golf Balls

When you know your teacher plans to spend their summer days on the links, golf balls are a perfect gift. These are well reviewed but not too pricey, making them a terrific pick.

Buy it: TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Balls

Collage of audiobooks with headline Give the gift of Audible (Teacher Appreciation Gifts)

Audible Membership

Give a lit-loving teacher plenty of audiobooks to enjoy during their much-deserved downtime. Audible gift memberships are available from one month to a year, so there are teacher gift options for all price ranges.

Buy it: Audible Gift Membership

Airbnb Gift Card

Airbnb Gift Cards

Summer vacation means a chance to travel! An Airbnb gift card lets teachers put money toward any kind of stay they like, from luxury tree houses to someplace with amazing city views.

Buy it: Airbnb Gift Card

More Terrific End-of-Year Teacher Gifts

Neon sign in the shape of a stack of books, with text reading Mrs. Morgan's Class

Custom Teacher Sign

Classroom decorations like a personal sign can make a fun gift, especially if you make or commission something truly unique. We love this light-up book sign, which is terrific for any kind of teacher.

Buy it: Neon Book Sign

bouquet of Bouqs assorted, colorful farm-fresh flowers on a table, as an example of teacher appreciation gifts


If you’ve got a garden, put together your own bouquet. Otherwise, brighten a teacher’s day with beautiful blooms from Bouqs. Choose from a variety of sizes and styles. These flowers are sourced directly from farmers who use sustainable growing practices like minimizing waste and recycling water.

Buy it: Farmer’s Choice Bouquet

A bouquet of popup paper sunflowers, with a popup thank you card and matching envelopes
Personalized whistles in four different colors

Personalized Whistle

Whether it’s for playground duty or a stellar PE teacher, this custom whistle is such a fun (and affordable) little end-of-year teacher gift!

Buy it: Personalized Whistle

A black bracelet with a gold heart and a black bracelet with beads that spell teacher are shown on a wrist.

Teacher Bracelet

We love that this bracelet set is equally cute and affordable. Bonus: It will make your child’s heart swell with pride when they see their beloved teacher wearing it!

Buy it: Teacher Bracelet

Personalized teacher library stamp reading

Personalized Library Stamp

Teachers build their classroom libraries with loving care. Help them keep their selections from disappearing with a personalized stamp like this one. Real teacher review: “This stamp is very sturdy. I have had other custom stamps fall apart after a long session of classroom library building, but this is still going strong.” (See more teacher stamps we love here.)

Buy it: Self-Inking Teacher Library Stamp

Small white ceramic planter with a succulent. Printing on the planter reads "Thank You for Helping Me Grow" with a rainbow and teacher's name

Succulent Planter

Give them an easy-care succulent in a personalized planter for a thoughtful gift that lasts. You can pick up a succulent at the grocery store or local nursery to pop into this cute little pot.

Buy it: Personalized Succulent Planter

4 personalized notepads in different styles with a teacher theme

Customized Notepads

Teachers jot a lot of notes, to students, parents, co-workers, and others. A personalized set of notepads is a useful teacher gift that’s always appreciated.

Buy it: Teacher Personalized Notepad Set

Need more end-of-year teacher gift ideas? We’ve got so many options!

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Looking for end-of-year teacher gifts? Look no further! We've gathered 35 of the best gift ideas for all price points.

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