33 Gifts for Girlfriends That Will Earn You Instant Brown Points in 2023

Buying a gift for any significant other, but especially narrowing down the best gifts for girlfriends, is always going to be tougher than anyone else on your list—no matter how well you know your other half. But, as they say, practice makes perfect. Holidays and moments that require grand gesturing aside, anytime is really a great time to show your leading lady how much she means to you (and how well you listen). Perhaps your girlfriend is the queen of hobbies: mastering an expert-level recipe, snapping the perfect fit pic, putting on 12 layers of skincare before bed, going deep on midcentury design rabbit holes, hiking up a mountain, racking up stamps on her passport, or hardcore lounging. Leaning into any one of these themes is going to make the gift a little more meaningful once it’s in her hands.

To aid in your quest to becoming the “best boyfriend ever,” we’ve pulled together 33 of the best gifts for girlfriends that each fit into at least one of the categories above, all while tenderly expressing your affection. Whether you’ve been dating for years, realized it was love at first sight this past weekend, or are diligently working to make up for a series of missed V-Day opportunities, we’ve got thoughtful ideas for days.

The Best Gifts for Girlfriends Shopping Guide

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