23 Best Sandals for Men in 2023: Swanky Sandals, Clogs, and Slides You Can Wear Year-Round

Slipping into a pair of the best sandals for men might be the last thing on your mind right now (though, to be honest, the warmer weather is already kind of here), but there’s never been a better time to hunt down a pair. As menswear continues throttling down the thruway of its anything-goes era—Skateboards affixed to sweaters! Jeans instead of tuxes! Inexplicably large red boots!—dusting off your summer footwear, the type you usually wear lounging poolside or kicking up way too much dust on the trails, suddenly seems like a righteous flex. 

Thankfully, today’s sandals are a lot better looking than they used to be. The best of the bunch can stand on their own with some glitzy painted toes, or look dope with an assist from nubby camp socks or striped crews. If it still feels like winter in your neck of the woods (on most days, at least), we’re not suggesting your feet go commando—since as far back as 2018 we’ve been championing the benefits of winterizing your summer footwear, and the same logic rings even more true today. 

Which means no matter what type of weather you’re contending with at the moment (or looking forward to contending with on vacation) there’s some impossibly rad sandals with your name on them, just waiting for you to slip ’em on. So we gathered the absolute best slides, clogs, and sandals for men, along with—gasp!—a couple of superlative flip-flops, to help your dogs weather whatever season you’d call this in impeccable style. 

The Best Sandals Shopping Guide 

The Best Sandals Overall

Birkenstock “Arizona” soft footbed leather sandal

What, were you really expecting something else? Birkenstock has reigned supreme atop the sandal world for well over two centuries for a reason: namely, the brand’s perfect blend of comfort, quality, and style. Their sandals are handcrafted in Germany using top-tier leathers and suedes atop and then set atop a cushion-y cork footbed that moulds to your feet over time. They fit it into every style camp, whether you’re some version of normcore, outdoors enthusiast, high-fashion snob or hypebeast. The Arizona is Birks’ most iconic model, and whether they’re your first or your 45th, it’s high time you slipped into a new pair.

The Best Budget (But Pricey-Looking!) Sandals

Unless you live by the beach, sandals aren’t really a year-round affair. So there’s no real need to splurge on a pair that you might only wear on occasion, right? But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice good design or quality in the name of saving a buck. Enter, the Alex Crane Primo sandal. Each pair is made in Oaxaca, Mexico in a generations-old factory by skilled leather craftspeople. Not only that, Alex Crane uses ethically-sourced raw leather which is vegetable-dyed and painted by hand in a spectrum of deep, rich colors so you know that you’ll be walking in premium materials. They’re the kind of sandals that look like you get to your tropical vacation in first class, but the good news is that they’re just $85. Primo is right!

The Best Waterproof Sandals

Birkenstock “Arizona” EVA sandal

Love the look and feel of your leather Birks, but bummed you can’t get ’em wet? Here’s your solution: the classic Arizona silhouette molded from waterproof, washable, ultra-lightweight EVA (a.k.a. the same stuff Crocs are made from). They’re affordable, durable, and a great hang whether you’re lounging poolside or sunning on the beach.

The Best Trail-Ready Sandals

Sometimes, your spontaneous walk around the block turns into a spontaneous walk around the park. When that happens, Nike’s Oneonta sandal—equipped with an extra-grippy tread to keep you grounded, and a drawstring closure at the heel for a secure fit—is the shoe to reach for. Slip ‘em on before your next impromptu hike and you’ll be well-prepared to scale a few rocks or quickly skip-walk past that cute lil’ spring you come across. No one will even know you were dressing for function—they’ll simply think your shoes look really dope.

The Best Huarache Sandals

Modern technology is great and all, but when it comes to footwear, the human touch reign supreme. Nisolo’s huaraches are handmade in Peru, not far from the silhouette’s origins, from a water-resistant leather that’ll keep your toes well-protected from surprise poolside splashes. Not every pair of sandals on this list can stand up to a relaxed linen suit, but these stick the landing with aplomb—and the flexible soles mean you can ditch the suit jacket and tear up the dance floor long after the DJ’s stopped spinning. 

The Best Sandals for Flip-Flop Devotees

Hoka One One Ora recovery flip flops

We’re noted fans of Hoka One One’s cloud-like recovery slides, but the ‘tween-the-toes version is every bit as impressive. If you just can’t ditch your flip-flops, take these smooth-driving convertibles out for a spin. The thong is made from a jersey textile that wicks away moisture—meaning no uncomfortable chafing between the toes–or accidental flinging of your shoe across the room. Coupled with the extra-cushy sole, they’ll have you bouncing back in no time.

The Best Dressy Sandals

Sandals, we’ll grant you, skew pretty casual, but when occasion demands footwear a little more formal, the genre has plenty to offer. Hereu’s riff are more like loafers with strategic cutouts, an elegant hybrid silhouette that pulls inspiration from the sun-dappled shores of the Spanish coast. The smooth leather uppers give way to gently curved lines, the block heels offer just enough height, and the whole shebang adds up to a sandal your grandkids will joyfully pilfer from your closet—provided, of course, your kids don’t get to them first. 

Plus 15 More Sandals We Love

Deer Stags “Bamboo2” huarache sandal

Breezy, dressy, and ready to be paired with slick shades and any manner of frozen beverage, these huarache-style sandals from Deer Stags are surprisingly affordable given the intricately woven uppers, which happen to be crafted from genuine buffalo leather. Wear ’em the way you would a killer pair of loafers: with shorts, with jeans, hell, even with a relaxed linen suit.

Jacques Solovière Biarritz sandals

Jacques Solovière’s elegant take on modern men’s footwear is one of the most striking out of any brand today. Each pair is handcrafted in Europe using some of the finest leathers and suedes and this beach-roving sandal leaves no question in our minds that this belongs in the top 3 sexiest sandals of the year, if not the decade. 

Chaco’s iconic Z/1 sandal has been trekking through tough terrain and treacherous trails for decades. The streamlined silhouette, cradle-like footbed, and lightweight straps have made it the go-to hiking sandal for hardcore trail enthusiasts as well as gurus of gorp, including guys like Tyler, the Creator. Sure, you might not be an outdoorsy person. Nor are you a Grammy-winning musician/fashion god. But it’s nice to know that these sandals will put you in good company.

Toga Virilis metal-plaque two-strap leather sandals

Mixing rock-and-roll energy with classic pieces of footwear is Toga Virilis’ M.O. whether it’s a pair of shit-kicking cowboy boots, prep-school loafers, or old-fashioned derbies, the Japanese label will bedazzle it with enough studs and silver hardware to set off a TSA scanner. Thankfully, the mash-up mindset also touches sandals—because punk kids like the beach, too.

Gianluca L’artigiano del cuoio leather slippers

You may not have heard of Gianluca, but we’re here to make sure you never forget it. From simple flip flops to intricate fisherman sandals, the Italian brand is pumping out sandals that’ll give any luxury house a run for their money. Each pair is made with vegetable-tanned full-grain leather (AKA the good shit) and crafted by skilled leather craftspeople with generations of experience. All this for just around $120? Say less!

Bode leather-trim raffia slides

Whether it’s made of plastic, paper, or metal we can all agree that straws are mostly annoying. But if there’s anything that these boho slides prove, it’s that there are exceptions to every rule.

Ancient Greek Sandals Dinatos leather sandals

Sturdy enough to toss in a duffle on your next trip, elegant enough to pair with relaxed trousers and a crisp tee tee like you’re front a look book for The Row. 

Teva original universal sandals

Teva’s endearingly crunchy sandals are a go-to among the hippy-dippy crowd thanks to their slip-resistant soles and nifty strapping system, which ensures they’ll stay wrapped around your feet and not floating in a river half a mile from where you last saw ’em.

OOFOS OOahh recovery slide

Oofo’s cushy slides are a favorite of athletes and wannabe athletes alike for a reason: their heavenly memory foam footbed will treat your dogs with the dignity they deserve. But they’ll work wonders when you’re kicking back poolside with nary a gym in sight, too. 

The rumors are true: Crocs—Crocs!—are really truly cool now. Sure, you could spring for the classic clog…or you could take these stacked platforms out for a spin.

Despite your best efforts, your feet are still going to sweat—thankfully, Suicoke’s cushy, antibacterial footbed came prepared. 

Simple, functional, stylish: the Brazilian brand’s no-frills beach thong remains an exemplar of the form for a reason.

Loro Piana suede slide sandals

Loro Piana’s certified rich-guy slides might look precious, but they’re crafted from water-repellent suede so you don’t have to worry about tip-toeing around the saltwater puddles when you’re lounging on your megayacht. 

Turns out webbed feet aren’t such a bad thing.

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