22 Amazon travel must haves for your next family trip

Although traveling with babies and kids can be very rewarding, it requires practice and preparation. That said, ensuring that you have everything you need is essential—that’s where Amazon comes in. There are a ton of Amazon travel must haves out there that we’d recommend adding to your cart ahead of your next trip. Amazon is a great retailer as it contains products from hundreds of retailers both big and small. And, many of the products sold on the platform can be delivered to your doorstep in just a couple of days (especially if you’re an Amazon Prime member). 

To help with your packing for your next trip, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best Amazon travel must haves that you can order ASAP. Whether you’re looking for a portable charger or a game to keep your kids occupied while you drive, these highly-rated, parent-recommended products can make getting there almost as fun. Almost.

Our favorite Amazon travel must haves 

Packing essentials

Mesh Pouches (18-Pack)



If you’re looking for a way to keep small items, toiletries, or accessories securely stowed and organized, these mesh pouches can help. They’re also incredibly handy for corralling kids toys, snacks, art supplies, you name it. Each of the sizes are differentiated by one of nine colors which will make it easy for you to remember which items you stashed in each when it comes time to retrieve them. They’re also waterproof which comes in handy for beach bag organization!

Packing Travel Organizer Cubes Set (4-Piece)Packing Travel Organizer Cubes Set (4-Piece)

Amazon Basics


If you’re looking for a place to store your kid’s clothes, consider these packing cubes from Amazon Basics. They’re easy to open with a double zipper and since they’re lightweight, won’t add any extra heft to your luggage. This set comes with four cubes in multiple sizes (small, medium, large, and slim). The set is also available in five colors including red, black, blue gray, and sky blue which makes them great for packing for multiple people. Everyone is assigned a color and voila! No need to root around to find what you’re looking for!

Cloth Diaper Wet/Dry Bags (2-Piece)Cloth Diaper Wet/Dry Bags (2-Piece)



If you know you’ll be heading to the beach or somewhere wet on your upcoming travels, you will be happy you brought these two cloth wet/dry bags with you. You can keep your kid’s wet bathing suit in one compartment and their snacks and other dry items in the other without worrying about any water leaking through. Plus, you can easily attach them to your stroller or any other hook using their snap handle—it doesn’t get much more convenient than that.

Toiletry Travel Bag with Hanging HookToiletry Travel Bag with Hanging Hook



This toiletry bag with a hanging hook can serve as a good place to keep your and your children’s toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other toiletry items while traveling. All you have to do is hang it up using its non-slip metal hook before grabbing whatever you need from its four included compartments which you’ll be able to see through thanks to its transparent sides. Even though it’s a larger item, it can easily be carried using its carry handle.

Folding Travel Potty SeatFolding Travel Potty Seat

Jool Baby


Your kids are more than likely going to have to use the restroom during your travels and this folding travel potty seat (with eight suction cups) can help them feel more comfortable doing so using a toilet they may not be familiar with. It’s available in three colors (aqua, pink, and gray), and can be folded up and placed in its included travel bag when not in use.

Kids Entertainment

Road Trip Must Haves

Reusable Puke BucketReusable Puke Bucket

The Puke Bucket


Whether you’re traveling by car, train, or plane, it’s hard to go wrong packing a puke bucket like this three-liter one in case your little one randomly catches a bout of motion sickness. It can be held using its side handles and curves around one’s face for a mess-free moment.

Car Backseat OrganizerCar Backseat Organizer



Organize the backseat of your car with this organizer from ULEEKA. With nine compartments, it’s large enough to hold your child’s drinks, small stuffed animals, a drawing pad, and even a device as large as an iPad in its tablet pocket.

Brica Out-n-About Collapsible Trunk Organizer & Diaper Changing StationBrica Out-n-About Collapsible Trunk Organizer & Diaper Changing Station



Changing your baby’s diaper will no longer be a hassle while on your road trips after you add this collapsible trunk organizer and diaper changing station to your car. In addition to its six compartments, it also comes with a diaper-changing pad, a case for wipes, and some disposable diaper bags. Once you place all your other baby-care supplies into this organizer, you’ll notice that your future road trips will become even more straightforward—you can thank us later.

Travel TrayTravel Tray

Kenley Kids


Your kids won’t have to keep asking you where your things are during your upcoming travels together once you gift them with this travel tray. With 13.5 x 16.5 x 4-inch dimensions, this tray made of oxford polyester is big enough to hold a tablet and some toys while small enough to fit on top of a child’s lap. It also has a cup holder which can hold their drinks if needed.

Mineral Sport Sun StickMineral Sport Sun Stick



Although it’s an investment at $26, sunscreen is important, especially if you’re traveling by train or in a vehicle with many windows in daylight. This sunscreen stick offers SPF 30 and is water resistant for up to 80 minutes. Since this sunscreen is contained in a stick, it can be easily tossed in a bag or a suitcase for easy access to reapply throughout the day. And, it’s safe for kids and sensitive skin which is a plus.

Airplane Must Haves

Car Seat Belt Travel StrapCar Seat Belt Travel Strap

Alnoor USA


Convert your carry-on luggage to a car seat carrier with this car seat belt travel strap. As long as your bag is between 13 and 56 inches, the strap should work to secure your car seat while you’re on the go. Make sure to note that this strap is designed to work with forward-facing car seats.

Neck PillowNeck Pillow



If you’re able to take a moment to yourself while on your travels, this neck pillow from BCOZZY will ensure that your head, neck, and chin are positioned comfortably. Although they are available in adult sizes (large and x-large), they are also available in children’s sizes small (ages three to seven years old) and medium (eight to 12 years old). With more than 12 colors to choose from, it’s unlikely that you won’t find one that matches your (or your kids’) travel aesthetic.

Foldable Kids and Adults Travel Tray CoverFoldable Kids and Adults Travel Tray Cover



Since it’s a best practice not to touch airplane tray tables since they can be quite germy, adding one (or two) of these travel tray covers to your cart is a good idea. It can be easily tied to a tray table with its straps and has raised sides to prevent any items from falling. And, if you’re handed a cup or a bottle of a beverage, there is a spot to place that, too.

Gate Check Bag for Car SeatsGate Check Bag for Car Seats

J.L. Childress


Protect your kid’s car seat with this gate check bag. Although you may not think it’s necessary, a bag for a car seat can prevent it from enduring any unwanted stains or marks while in transit. And, it will also be easier for you to differentiate which is yours since the bag is bright red and has the words “car seat gate check” written across the front.

Tech Must Haves

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