2024 Ford Bronco Raptor gets black trim package

Apparently a day of a total eclipse is a day automakers feel is perfect for black-out trim packages. In addition to Jeep’s Gladiator “NightHawk” special edition, Ford is launching the Black Appearance Package for the 2024 Bronco Raptor.

The basic idea is similar: Take a Bronco Raptor, give it lots of black trim. It gets a gloss black painted top, roll bar, mirror caps and fender flares. The steel bumper, tow hooks and skid plate get a matte black paint job, matched by unique black vinyl graphics. Ford apparently got the idea for the painted skid plate from seeing customers do it themselves on their own Broncos.

That’s the extent of the package, though, just black accents. It doesn’t get any other equipment, like the Jeep does (even if it’s not much equipment on the Jeep). Granted, there’s not much you can really add on top of a Bronco Raptor, whereas the Jeep was based on a low trim level. Still, that leaves the Raptor’s Black Appearance Package feeling a bit steep at $4,995 for just black paint and stickers, especially when you’re spending more than $90,000 just to get the truck in the first place.

But if you have the means, and it’s calling to you, you can order your Raptor with the Black Appearance Package starting this month.

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