18 Cool Things to Buy This Month According to GQ Staffers 2024

Here at GQ Recommends, we spend countless hours toiling in the e-comm trenches to curate cool things to buy so you can shop like one of us, whether you’re looking for a new suit or a fresh three-pack of boxer briefs. Our unrivaled window shopping brings you everything from the best new menswear to the hottest menswear deals. But do those selects always align with our own personal order histories? They do not. So we thought we’d give you a tantalizing peek into our very own actual non-imaginary shopping carts. Here are 18 things our editors copped last month—much of which you can cop for yourself, too!—including cushy retro sneakers, top-shelf olive oil, and so much more.


Tyler Chin, Associate Commerce Editor

These vintage-style chinos have been a nice break from wearing denim all the time. The permanent crease, like those on a pair of Dickies work pants, is great for looking put-together without having to whip out the ironing board. Plus, I’m a real sucker for flaps on back pockets.

Lord knows I don’t need another midweight jacket. But dammit, Lord also knows I love a deal! From the Americana gods at Engineered Garments comes this navy corduroy trucker jacket that’s actually warmer than I expected. The jacket just might have the most perfect fit I’ve ever encountered, and I’m super into the cropped silhouette, which makes me question where I stand in the Team Topcoat or Camp Crop debate.

Norse Projects

“Johannes” Long Sleeve Pocket T-Shirt

I never thought I’d be taking style advice from Drake and Josh, but the whole long-sleeve tee under a short-sleeve tee move has really tickled my fancy recently. The problem was: I needed a long-sleeve tee. I opted for a simple option from Norse Projects, which makes one with a pocket. Now, while there’s a tee going over this top, I figured it’d be nice to have a pocket if I decided to wear the Johannes on its own.

Doug McClenahan, Discord Community Manager

A rec as old as time, but a big “menswear guy” moment for me. I recently purchased my first pair of Paraboot Michaels. In my opinion, everyone should own a pair. They’re versatile enough to dress up with a casual suit or dress down with jeans and a T-shirt. Of all the leather shoes I’ve owned, nothing compares to the comfort of the Michael. And as a lifelong Pacific Northwest resident, having a gussied-up shoe that’s virtually waterproof thanks to its Norwegian welted construction is a godsend.

Beautiful by Drew Barrymore

Despite having been in the “air fryers are lame” camp for a few years now, my wife, in another push to find the most affordable and aesthetically pleasing kitchen gadgets, pushed me into the Beautiful by Drew Barrymore Air Fryer. I gotta say…this is the exception for me. The touch screen is easy to use and it makes reheating a breeze—especially since we haven’t replaced our microwave since it went out last summer.

Lizzy Halberstadt, Senior Producer


Merino Wool Ragg Socks, 2-pack

I’ve had trouble finding good socks to wear with my favorite clogs in the winter, but these fluffy socks solved my problems. They’re perfectly thick and warm and they let me wear my clogs even on the coldest days. Also great for lounging around the house when it’s too frigid to even go outside.


Super-Plush Turkish Cotton Bath Towels, 2-pack

Brooklinen describes these bath towels as having “over-the-top plushness”, and they’re not exaggerating. It’s super thick, oversized, and the heaviest towel I’ve ever held. The absorbance is great, and the fun colorways are the cherry on top. I no longer dread stepping out of the shower.


Acqua Distillata alle Rose Tonico Rinfrescante

I originally got this from an Italian pharmacy, but you can also find it on Amazon! It’s become part of my everyday routine to keep my skin looking and feeling its best. I apply this on my face with a cotton pad after showers or before bed, for instant hydration, not to mention the dreamy, subtle rose scent.

Robert Miller, Video Director

I wanted a nice sweater to get me through the last days of winter, so I took a little road trip to New Haven and got myself some pizza and a Shaggy Dog sweater from J.Press. Thought about getting funky with a kelly green or bright yellow but I opted for a more muted blue-brown that goes with just about everything.


Season One: The Complete Scripts

Big tip for fans of the series, aspiring screenwriters, and eldest boys.

Michael Nolledo, Associate Commerce Director

Dr. Martens

8053 “Ben” Suede Casual Shoes

These nappy purple joints aren’t what I would normally go for, but I got them on deep discount at Hatchet Supply in Brooklyn (they’re still also on sale at Dr. Martens). Great silhouette, and will be fun to style the next time I want to crack open a can of freaky.


Bistrot Vintage Finish Spreaders

Perhaps the best thing my partner and I put on our wedding registry last year was flatware from Sabre, the French brand responsible for the pretty cutlery you used that one time at that great restaurant you can’t remember the name of. Anyway, we had to get some vintage-finish spreaders to round out the set because we’re completists, for one, but also because when you take bread and butter seriously, elevated butter spreaders are only to be expected.

Joel Pavelski, Global Director of Content Strategy

Had to get my graphic tee rotation in warm-weather shape, and this no-nonsense denim brand makes a bunch of simple, un-fussy ones. I bought three.

I finally got sick of sloshing around New York with the lower half of my body soaked to the bone. And of course, a brand whose main mission is to keep folks dry and fly would be the one to convince me at long last that there’s a better way.

It’s light, fluffy, comfortably oversized, and goes with everything. I’m just terrified to eat pasta in it.

Lori Keong, Contributing Editor

My V-Day gift to myself was this cute lil’ flower ring from Levens Jewels, a sweet brand based in Spain that makes an assortment of amazing glass and ceramic pieces. It’s kind of childish, almost DIY-looking, but I love the idea of wearing a casual cocktail ring around.

In an effort to look a little more pulled-together this spring, I just bought a couple different sweater vests like a pale blue mohair one (sadly now sold out), and this hand-dyed one from Maria Stanley. She’s an LA-based designer who makes deeply covetable, high-quality cardigans, dresses, denim that you want to wear forever. The fit on this is slightly cropped, and it comes in a cool indigo shade that looks even better in person.

January 2024

Avidan Grossman, Style Commerce Editor

Ask ten GQ staffers to ID their favorite white tee, and you’ll get ten different answers—along with a lot more context than you need. So for everyone’s sake, I’ll spare you the hem-hawing: Front General, the Brooklyn-based vintage emporium, makes the best T-shirt not equipped with a faded Screen Stars tag. The collar could be a smidge tighter and the cut a shade less boxy, but those are the minor quibbles. (A word to the wise: If you wash them on hot, they shrink.) Last month, I made the annual pilgrimage to Dumbo to replenish my supply. Perfection is overrated anyway.

Needed a new pair of gym shoes, bought a new pair of gym shoes, have been wearing said gym shoes ever since. I kick ’em off before I hit the squat rack, but they’ve held up equally well on the elliptical and en route to the corner store.

Timothy Beck Werth, Contributing Writer

A lot of Nike’s shoes are too narrow for my wide feet (I miss the SB Dunk high-tops), but the Air Force Ones are supremely comfortable. I love a suede Nike sneaker, and this monochromatic riff is going to be my new everyday beater.

Even if you’re wearing nothing else—or maybe especially then—the right socks can make or break an outfit. Uniqlo’s crisp white pile socks are the most comfortable ones I own. I tested a lot of alternatives along the way, and now I wear a pair of these every day of the week.

While writing about my favorite beard care products, I was inspired to re-up on one of the best beard oils I’ve ever reviewed. To this day, it absorbs like no other product I’ve tried.

Michael Nolledo, Associate Commerce Director

Growing up in Chicago, I was raised on a steady diet of Vienna Beef and the ‘90s Bulls dynasty. So when I saw this particular Michael Jordan print available at Sonic Editions, I had to have it hanging in my office. Not only does it remind me of home, it also serves as evidence that MJ is an OG NBA style icon.

I’m a longtime fan of Outlier’s tough-as-nails Bombtwill fabric, and the Bombdeux pants are a relaxed rendition of the brand’s Bomb Dungarees, which these days are cut a bit too slim for my liking. It’s quickly become my new go-to pant: Generously cut and relaxed, but plenty of structure that can serve pretty much any fit.

Gerald Ortiz, Style Commerce Writer

On one shoulder an angel told me, “You have enough plain black boots.” On the other, a stylish little devil said, “Maybe this is just who you are. Embrace yourself.” Seeing as this is an article titled ‘What GQ Staffers Actually Bought’, you can guess who was more persuasive.

Mousse Publishing

Come Stai? A Chair By Gaetano Pesce with Matthieu Blazy for Bottega Veneta

For Bottega Veneta’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection, creative director Matthieu Blazy collaborated with the legendary furniture designer Gaetano Pesce to build a mind-blowing set featuring a psychedelic runway paved in Pesce’s signature resin work and lined with dozens of handmade chairs. Come Stai? documents the creative process behind the collaboration and is bound with the same fabric that was used to make the chairs, as well as a unique 1-of-1 resin cover. I was on a desperate, irresponsibly last-minute hunt for holiday gifts back in December when the cover of this book caught my eye. Shopping for loved ones should’ve been my priority, but who says I couldn’t have a little treat for myself along the way? Only a few hundred copies of the book were produced; securing one of the actual chairs from the runway show is infinitely cooler, buying the book seemed less irresponsible.

Lori Keong, Contributing Editor


Pleated Corduroy Trousers

I’m on a big pants-buying and pants-purging kick, in search of new silhouettes. These chunky, corduroy styles are my latest, with a satisfying, cold-defying heft to them and a slouchy fit. They’re at the tailor right now getting taken up a few inches, but I can’t wait to let them loose on the streets.

Last year, around this time, I lost a beloved five-year old, limited-edition Uniqlo liner jacket at the LAX security line that has saved my ass many winters in a row. To say that I was devastated is an understatement, and I’ve spent the months since trying to find a suitable replacement. This one isn’t exactly the same (there’s no down fill here), and it’s not quite as thin, but the ribbed collar is a nice touch and it keeps me warm under slim coats when I don’t want to pull on my giant puffer jacket.

I’ve never been a huge jewelry girl—mostly because I’m the kind of chaotic person who is always losing rings in restaurant bathrooms and earrings at exes’ places, never to be seen again. The fiscally responsible choice for me is usually to just not engage. Recently I made an exception for this wavy ring from Agmes, a brand that I’ve double-tapped many times on Instagram before pulling the trigger. Everything is beautiful, sculptural, and polished to a high sheen, plus I love that this one looks like two rings stacked together. Hopefully it’ll get plenty more play before it eventually gets sucked up by the vortex of life (floating out there somewhere with all my misplaced socks).

Michael Houtz, Art Director

Originally made for park rangers and elk hunters, I bought this heritage wool jacket so I could stay warm and toasty on my stroll to the coffee shop. Filson even provided a Gotham City colorway so I could traverse the streets in perfect camouflage.

They’re a little bit country, and a little bit rock ‘n’ roll.

Stephanie Tran, Visuals Director

Never met a black trouser I didn’t like, especially Magliano’s deconstructed homage to the Le Smoking. I love that they offer a bit of edge to an everyday pant that can also be uber elegant for evening—and double the wear at half the cost makes them even more irresistible.

Tyler Chin, Associate Commerce Editor

Here’s a secret: Shop the women’s section. I’m a loyal SSENSE shopper, which means I get access to the brand’s wildly impressive private sale (pro tip: anyone can gain entry just by making an account). My favorite thing about Bode tops is their cropped silhouette (something we’re expecting to see a lot more in 2024) and that zig-zag motif just makes things more interesting than your typical button-up.

Bloomsbury Publishing

“Meet Me by the Fountain: An Inside History of the Mall” by Alexandra Lange

The mall is dead, long live the mall. As your friendly neighborhood commerce editor, I’m constantly helping you shop for that good good. But none of those recommendations ever send you out to the mall, now do they? I’ve been trying to read more, and I weirdly had the desire to learn more about the history of the mall and its place in 2024. Short answer? Brick-and-mortar ain’t dead yet.


FlipBelt Zipper Running Belt

Three weeks after getting a new iPhone, it popped out of my running shorts’ compression pocket, shattering the entire back screen. Since then, I do not run without zippered pockets. Sadly, not enough brands make running shorts with pockets like that (and sometimes they don’t have pockets at all) so I went ahead and got a running belt. I opted for the FlipBelt Zipper belt (duh) and now I can run with my pocketless itty-bitty shorts without worrying about another shattered screen.

Michella Oré, Commerce Writer

Gimaguas has got it going on, Gimaguas has got it going on. This is the third piece I’ve purchased from the Spanish retailer: the loose-yet-sexy cuts paired with sturdy fabrics is what keeps me coming back for more. With a front-facing slit that’s high enough to feel a little risqué without crossing over into uncomfortably exposed, the skirt nails the casual-to-slightly more dress up vibe I’ve been leaning into recently. I like that I can pair this skirt with my Vagabond Nella boots and a silky black cashmere sweater just as easily as I can with a form-fitting T-shirt and my Rossana platform mary janes.


Jersey Boat Neck 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt

I don’t own many white T-shirts, but this crisp Muji one called out to me on the shelves. Warm yet flattering, I think the boat neck is a great way to clean up a fit without loosing out on the comfort factor.

November 2023

Gerald Ortiz, Style Commerce Writer


Hybrid Ribbed Quarter Socks

Quarter socks have been one of my tiny-but-significant fashion epiphanies this year, and my growing collection/ongoing experiment in hosiery optimization has led me to Bombas. Their socks are the perfect length, the wool blend is warm and somehow still breathable, and the tension is juuuuust right.

Okay, okay, so technically I bought a vintage MA-1 bomber that was originally made by Alpha Industries. I’m glad to say that they’re pretty much exactly the same as back in the day.

La Roche Posay

Lipikar AP+ Gentle Foaming Cleansing Oil

Sensitive boy needs his fragrance-free, Eczema Association-approved cleanser. La Roche-Posay’s cleansers are all great, especially for a guy like me with chronic skin issues. The Lipikar AP+ line is formulated with ingredients that help your skin biome, and is packed with ceramides to keep your skin healthy and moisturized.

Tyler Chin, Associate Commerce Editor

At this point, my wardrobe is about 30% cardigans, so one more couldn’t hurt. Auralee’s ribbed knit cardi is super cozy and has a subtle cropped silhouette, which, when paired with my average height, looks like it’s the perfect length. I’ve been loving Auralee’s Japan-made knits for a loooong time, so Black Friday was the perfect excuse to finally cop one for a decently affordable price.


105 ’90s Stone Wash Standard Jeans

My favorite pair of denim is a pair of 105s from Orslow in classic faded blue wash. The fit of the 105 is perfect for me, which is just the right amount of straight and high-rise. (Orslow’s founder Ichiro Nakutsu based the 105s on a classic pair of 501s, which might make sense for why these are so great.) I wanted a pair of washed black denim, and of course Orslow was the move for me. I thought about switching it up and going for the 107s, which is Orslow’s slimmer fit (akin to a Levi’s 505), but I told myself that if I loved my 105s, why change? And dammit, I’m glad I listened to myself for once.

There’s a picture on the internet of Jacob Elordi rocking a full-placket cardigan. I loved it so much that I found it online, except it was Prada and cost nearly two G’s. Neither wool, nor cashmere, nor an Italian fashion house’s label could convince me to drop that much on what surely must be an amazing sweater. Luckily, during my marathon of Black Friday shopping I found Studio Nicholson’s cardigan for way less, and boy, does it tick every box in terms of fit, color, and, of course, price.

American Trench

Merino Retro Striped Socks

I needed to re-fill my sock drawer, and the only brand that came to mind (besides Hanes) was American Trench. They look like a pair of boring basic socks, but as soon as I sit down, and my pants ride up a bit, you can see the pop of color, courtesy of that varsity stripe.

Lori Keong, Contributing Editor

My brother has a great eye for design, so I like to use him as a litmus test when I’m considering a big investment in the furniture department. Recently, he solved a dilemma I’ve spent months handwringing about: what to buy to balance out the two Aldo Jacober folding chairs I use as my dining seating. He found these chairs in a matter of minutes, of course—in gorgeous oxblood to contrast the neutrals in my apartment. They have some real Bruno Rey swagger to them, and I got them at an absurdly cheap price ($100 apiece!) during West Elm’s Black Friday bonanza.

It’s been so chilly lately that I’ve been holed up in my apartment, barely going out. I’m also conveniently out of slippers at the moment, and in lieu of plush memory foam, I’ve been padding around my cold floors in my fresh-out-the-box Sebagos. They’re surprisingly comfortable despite the fact that I usually get blisters just looking at a pair of loafers, but I’ll reserve judgement ’til I actually take these puppies for a lap around the block.

It’s so rare to covet something online on a twiggy model and feel like the fit and style match up in-person, but this elegant strapless number pleasantly defied my expectations: It’s stretchy enough to hug my figure without constricting it, and printed without veering into picnic blanket territory. A potentially delusional observation, but I think I look like a million bucks in it.


Petite Harlow Wide Leg Pants

I was something of a straight-leg pants loyalist until I convinced myself to try out a longer, wider fit this past month. Madewell’s beloved Harlows were a successful experiment: Even in a casual linen fabric, they’ve got some C-suite Shiv Roy energy, like I’m ready to start wheeling and dealing the moment they get pulled on.

Alex Wedel, Audience Development Manager

I swear I almost developed carpal tunnel after spending months combing the internet for a pair of stylish, freaky, and affordable boots. But now that I’ve got CamberLab’s Traktoris, I can fully dedicate my motor skills to pulling on these fashionable yet functional, off-kilter stompers all winter long.

I hadn’t thought much of Macy’s private menswear label Alfani since I went shopping for my high school homecoming suit, but after lucking upon a few of their flowy, buttery soft button-ups at a vintage store they’re the only shirt on my mind.


APSMILE Feather Down Comforter Oversized Queen/Full Size

Let’s just say, the snooze button has gotten a lot more action after I copped this comforter.

Sunday Riley

CEO Afterglow Moisturizer

My boy math is: I saved six figures on an MBA by dropping $65 to get the deeply hydrated and dewy skin of a CEO with a top-rung-of-the-corporate-ladder salary to blow.

Avidan Grossman, Style Commerce Editor

A few months ago, GQ’s resident denim whisperer—Gerald Ortiz, of viral clog fame—put me onto this small-batch LA operation, which specializes in jeans made in just one perfect silhouette: mid rise, wide leg, straight cut. I snapped up the last pair on Ssense in a hard-to-nail light gray wash, and now my thighs are ready for the real deal; last week, I bought another pair, this time in a raw denim the brand sources from Mexico. Carson’s inventory tends to sell through quickly, but in the spirit of the holiday season, I’ve refrained from stockpiling every 30×32 pair for myself.


Sam Schube, GQ Sports Director

Uniqlo U

Wide-Fit Parachute Cargo Pants

The product name for these (perfect) pants works sort of like the galaxy brain meme: Uniqlo U (!) wide-fit (!!) parachute (!!!) cargo pants (!!!!). Accordingly, every time I wear them my eyes shoot lasers.

Jean-Luc Lukunku, Creative Producer, GQ Video

Acne Studios

Boaffer Sport Loafer in Burgundy

There’s nothing like love to excuse a shopping splurge. While in Berlin, I made a stop at Voo Store to find the perfect statement shoe to show up all the guests at my cousin’s wedding. Almost immediately, I came upon these incredible loafers from Acne Studios. They’re classic, sleek, and shockingly not the type of loafers that require a painful break-in. For the wedding I paired them with white pleated trousers from California Arts and a vintage double-breasted suit that really gave Ricardo Tubbs from Miami Vice. These days I like rocking them with some Carhartt jeans and a bomber jacket. You really can have it all!

On my way out of Voo Store, I was struck by the dope fit of one of the associates—an old Inter Milan Jersey, paint-splattered jeans, and Our Legacy Camion boots. I had held off from buying the black ones as they were very similar to my vintage motos, but man, was there something about that brown olive leather. I sat on it for a week and caved when I passed by the Our Legacy shop in London. So glad I did. They have quickly topped my Saint Laurent “Lukas” pythons to become the top pick in my shoe rotation—sorry, Hedi.


34 Boulevard Saint Germain Room Spray

I’d never been to Diptyque, but had seen many fashion influencer posts and memes about their candles, so I popped into their Nolita location to finally see what the hype was about. It smelled pretty good. After trying a couple of their home fragrances I decided on the woody Saint Germain. It’s made walking into my East Village apartment feel like stepping into The Miami EDITION. Magic.

Gerald Ortiz, Style Commerce Writer

Wool shoe insoles are one of those things that just makes sense to me. For several winters, I’d come across a pair and think, “Yeah, good idea.” But it was only until now that I ponied up and bought a pair. I spotted these in an outdoorsy store in the Catskills and I figured it was a sign. A quick tap of the credit card and I slotted them into my boots on the spot. The warm fuzzy feeling was almost instant as was my delight. I was so ecstatic about my impulse purchase that I managed to convince my friends to also buy them. Cold feet no more!


Switch Immersion Dripper 03

After years of self-imposed coffee snobbery, I’ve decided to dial back my complicated caffeine routine (within reason). The Hario Switch is an update to the lauded V60 brewer which gives it the capability to steep the coffee much like a French press. Dump the coffee grounds, pour the water, and let it sit for a few minutes. Simple! Unlike a French press, however, it filters the coffee through a paper filter so you don’t have to worry about a silt-filled mug. The result is a steamlined and forgiving brew that allows me to be less attentive without butchering my morning joe—crucial when you’re futzing with boiling water in a groggy state.

Christian Rosa, Social Media Manager

JW Anderson

JW Anderson x Pol Anglada Tank Top

This JW Anderson x Pol Anglada tank is like wearing a blank canvas splashed with a piece of queer art—a wearable masterpiece.


Lang Leather Zip Up Boots

I snagged these AllSaints leather boots because I loved the almond-toe shape and distressed finish. They’re like the James Bond of footwear—sleek, quick, and ready for action.

The Artemide Nesso Table Lamp is an iconic piece of post-modern design. But the real deal would ruin me financially, so, for now, this gorgeous dupe fulfills my needs. It doesn’t possess the same level of craftsmanship as the original, of course, but it looks SO good in my living room. Now I get to bask in the glow of its beautiful design without going bankrupt.

I saw this little guy when I was shopping in Milwaukee Avenue District in Chicago. I didn’t buy it on the spot, but I couldn’t get its sleek design and cargo green color out of my head. After a few days, I finally surrendered and ordered it online—it’s the best mug I’ve ever owned!

Zinya Salfiti, Research Associate

I’m guilty of hopping on the Gen Z-defined foldover trend for my Dickies: unclipping the clasp and turning over the waistband into somewhat of a makeshift belt. Because they’re a bit loose on me, the foldover makes them fit better, plus it’s a quick and effective way to jump into the low-rise look. They’re structured, durable, have deep pockets, and don’t wrinkle, which, for me, makes them ideal for work. I copped them in brown, and they’ve become a staple in my fall-inspired monochrome outfits.


Fine to Medium Hair Treatment Masque

I’ve always been so intimidated by the number of hair products out there. So what I love about the OUAI Treatment Masque is that it’s easy. You can run a dollop of the product everywhere from your roots to your ends and only have to leave it on for 5 minutes. It leaves my hair soft, hydrated, and untangled. Unlike other products I’ve used in the past, I’ve never had to worry about it making my hair greasy.

With the clocks turning back soon and the sun setting an hour earlier, seasonal affective disorder feels more real than ever. Lighting my home will be crucial. This IKEA globe-shaped table lamp was the perfect, subtle, and minimalistic addition to my new bedroom. Make sure to get a warm white light bulb for a soft, sunny feel.

Mick Rouse, Global Research Director


NikeCourt AirZoom Vapor AJ3

I’ve played tennis in a lot of different Nike tennis shoes over the years. And while I made the switch to Naomi Osaka’s GP Turbos for a while after ACL surgery, I simply couldn’t resist returning to one of Nike’s most iconic and beloved tennis shoes of all time—the Vapor X’s—after they decided to bring them back with the Air Jordan 3’s iconic elephant-print upper. I may not have my best stuff every day I step on the court, but I always have the best shoes.


Organic Cotton Essential Robe

Most cotton bathrobes tend to be way too baggy and oversized, but the folks over at Subset have taken more of a tailor’s approach to their Essential Robe without sacrificing any of the coziness. The three-quarter length sleeves are actually quite practical, and the mid-calf length of the robe keeps you far away from Schmidt’s kimono territory. As fall turns into winter, these are perfect for those dark, cold mornings and even darker and colder nights.

Cozy Earth has been pumping out some truly lux bedding, including their waffle-knit and cashmere blankets. But their duvet cover in the new clay colorway is a true hero item. The color in person is more akin to the shiniest penny you’ve ever seen and instantly made my bedroom feel like an uber-lux hotel room. And that’s not even acknowledging just how damn soft the fabric is.

Michael Houtz, Art Director


Debut Carbon Evo Turntable

I’m no audiophile, but I recently upgraded from Spotify to this gorge hand-built turntable by Pro-Ject Audio. Partially because I think it’s cool to directly support the musicians you’re into, but mostly because I missed the tactile experience of listening to full-length albums as the good lord intended. Especially when it’s True Widow (on repeat).

Herman Miller

Eames Soft-Pad Management Chair

I’ve been an Aeron guy for many years with no complaints. That is until recently when the armrest snapped off like a twig. The parts are replaceable, sure, but I took it as a sign from the universe to manifest my dream throne: the Soft-Pad Management in luscious black leather. It’s a classic for a reason. I scored one for a bargain on Craigslist, and can’t recommend it enough. Your back and your eyes will thank you.

Keep on scrolling to see more real-life purchases from months past.


Gerald Ortiz, Style Commerce Writer


Brushed Wool Polo Sweater

Years ago, I’d bought a vintage J.Crew polo sweater exactly like this and enjoyed it for a few months before it got lost in a move. Thankfully, J.Crew still makes the same sweater and it’s just as cozy and soft as my vintage, worn-in, misplaced version. It’s still made from 100% wool and brushed to a hairy finish that Cobain would’ve liked if he’d been into polos, and the fit is immaculate—relaxed, not too long, great for every pant I own.

I’m a sucker for Stüssy, sure, but until they stop making tops that fit 5’9″ fellas like myself, I will continue to patronize the streetwear titan. This football sweater is luxuriously silky and fits better than any other sweater in my closet—just short enough to graze my hips and lengthen my legs (without surgery).

For whatever reason, the radiator in my apartment doesn’t kick on when it should, so I bought this space heater to hold me over until the day I finally hear the clanking iron. I’ve been a fan (ahem!) of Vornado’s products in the past, so it was a no-brainer opting for this winterized version. Vornado’s signature grill and blades allows the heat to distribute more efficiently, which means my room can come up to temperature quickly and evenly. You can adjust the temperature by the degree, and there’s even a non-heated fan option for when you just want some air circulation.


Men’s Multivitamin Gummies

These vitamin gummies are too delicious, and I lack self-control. Therefore, I will be turning super saiyan by the end of the week. In the meantime, I will be thoroughly enjoying the tart berry flavor and my renewed sense of vigor!

Not sure when my obsession with Asics will end, but the answer seems to be leaning toward ‘never’. The Gel-Kayano’s is three decades old, but this latest iteration puts a silver spin on the beloved running/stunting sneaker. Bummed to miss out on those JJJJound Asics but aren’t trying to spend half a grand on the resell market? Here you go.

Lori Keong, Contributing Editor

Preppers and hikers know that when it comes to filtration, Lifestraw is as legit as it gets. This rarely happens, but I saw that this pitcher was on sale in one of GQ’s very own deal roundups and made a move. It’s kinda mega in person, but I’m thrilled that I finally get to replace the ancient Brita that regularly collects filth in my refrigerator.

There are a handful of things I will reliably shell out for in multiples, and one of them is a solid pair of Mary Janes. I recently added these to my collection and they’re sensible, easy to walk in, and will be even better for fall, I surmise.

As a creature of habit, I’ve also upgraded the navy blue knit polo I bought from Alex Mill last year with…a long sleeve version in the exact same color. Cashmere, baby! Hits slightly different.

Michella Oré, Commerce Writer

Banana Republic

Textured Pullover Sweater

As much as I love a good sweater, I somehow managed to not have a single black one at the beginning of fall. I saw this cozy pullover (at half off) and immediately added to cart. So far, I’ve paired it with my Gimaguas flared denim and skirts that hit just below the calf, and love how the boatneck and dropped shoulders polish up and pull everything together.

I recently joined a bookclub and the novel for this month is the appropriately gothic Frankenstein.

Ever since I got my hands on the Breville Bambino Plus, I’ve been whipping up cappuccinos from the comfort of my home. Usually I sip them against the backdrop of high-pitched whistles and drills (courtesy of the construction taking place next door), but when I’m in a rush to head out I’ll pour my daily brew into this sleek coffee mug.

Rob Vargas, Global Executive Design Director

I consider myself a very late adopter of trends. When a style of clothing breaches the threshold of ubiquity, I descend into a deep spiral of rumination about it’s meaning, value, and longevity, followed by 3-6 months of feverishly wishlisting my favorite versions of that style on every shopping app in existence. When cargo pants started crowning, my first thought was “immediately no”. But here we are, many months if not years later, and I’ve found a moody pair that I’ve connected with spiritually. These, by Dion Lee, have so much else going on, a dramatic cut, unique hardware, slanted pockets, bungee cords, and yet it all works beautifully together in a counter-intuitively tasteful way.

I’m always on the lookout for that rare category of great affordable art that feels more unique than something that can be infinitely duplicated by an ink jet printer. Just in time for the only holiday that matters, I discovered the work of Norwegian artist Andrea Scholze. She creates these somehow equally haunting and endearing ceramic and stoneware sculptures of melting humanoids and lumpy animals, some of which are impressively life sized. When I locked eyes with this sad upside down bat flapping it’s wings, there was no turning back. It costs less than one sock from The Row, and will bring me a lifetime of spooky joy. If you’re inclined, there are more iterations available to choose from.

Maison Louis Marie

Vallée de Farney Body and Hand Wash

Hand soap has become a real social minefield. To me, there’s nothing worse than having guests think you’re desperately trying to signal your status and cultural alliances with something you keep on your bathroom sink. Which is why after I saw a Deweydudes meme about all creatives in Williamsburg having Aesop soap, I knew I had to overhaul my entire life. After A LOT of research and unfortunate amount of waste (another minefield: buying things online you’re supposed to smell), I found the brand Maison Louis Marie. The packaging is pleasingly minimal (I AM A CREATIVE), and the scent Vallée de Farney is warm, subtle, and just the right amount of masculine. And for now, the brand is obscure enough to not get memed.


Tyler Chin, Associate Commerce Editor

Once a year for about two weeks, US Open swag, from hats to T-shirts, floods the streets of NYC. I fell prey to the lure of the US Open merch and copped a tee on my recent trek to Arthur Ashe. Sure, it’s not as cool as something like a band tee, but it does feel like a commemorative souvenir for making it out of Flushing Meadows in one piece.

If I go through a season without buying one thing from Beams, then it was a bad shopping season. Alas, this was a good one! I needed a break from the whole mohair cardigan phase, mainly because I was tired of looking like a Shetland Sheepdog. This lightweight cotton piece has a varsity stripe that makes me feel like I actually did sports in school, and hey look: Pockets!

Dark wash slim-fit denim? Uh, is this 2012? Not with these high-waisted jeans, a flip from the typical low-rise Petit Standards from the brand that got a bunch of menswear dudes into raw denim. These have a little stretch in them (blasphemy!), which helps because I sized down maybe a little too aggressively, but the Martins have a nice cropped fit that helped me nix a trip to the tailor.

My girlfriend has these Garrett Leight Mayan sunglasses, and I was really hoping to get a pair that was just like hers without getting that exact same ones. I could’ve totally just borrowed hers, but I am dangerously near-sighted, which means all my sunglasses need to have prescription lenses. I’d been onto Akila for a while, mainly because the brand makes some really sick frames for not a lot of money, and the Zeds look really close to my girlfriend’s pair. I copped these, sent them over to Lensabl for a prescription (with the same lens color), and now I’m being accused of stealing my girlfriend’s style (true, but don’t tell her).

Gerald Ortiz, Style Commerce Writer

Bronson Mfg. Co.

9 oz. US Cotton tubular T-shirt

I’ve been on the hunt for The Perfect T-shirt for my whole life. Elusive or illusion, I’m not sure, but that hasn’t stopped me from expanding my collection. This one from Bronson Mfg. might be the closest yet with its tube-knit construction, hefty US cotton jersey, and relaxed fit. But the part I’m most psyched about is that has the ideal length so I can finally stop feeling embarrassed about taking my tees to the tailor.

Some people call it a half sock, others call it a quarter sock. Fractions aside, the above-the-ankle-but-not-quite-calf socks are my jam. They’re the perfect length, especially for someone with shorter legs (and ham hocks for calves) and Uniqlo’s uber-affordable versions are comfy cozy with just the right amount of tension.

I’ve been using Aesop’s deodorant spray for 7 years now, but I’m not about to take a sabbatical. There’s simply nothing better. It smells as good as a real-deal cologne, the discreet spray bottle form is perfect for tossing into a tote bag, and if I need a pick-me-up in the middle of the day, it doesn’t look like an unsightly roll-on bar.

Rob Vargas, Global Executive Design Director

Quiet Town

Night Ride shower curtain

My arch nemesis is dopamine decor. Since the genre first appeared in the mid-2010s, there’s been a troubling proliferation of derivatives, emerging everywhere from hotel lobbies to millennial veterinarian franchises. To me, the optimism of bright colors and shapes that look like they were drawn by stoned toddlers are a grotesque display against the backdrop of our grim reality. This is why I fell in love with this shower curtain. It’s stark, monochrome, and actually makes the futile exercise of washing away your caked-on filth even darker. I give it 10/10 sparkling heart hands.

By this site’s own admission, we’ve hit peak jewelry, and the nostalgia for classics is only strengthened by the polo’s dominance and khaki-draped wolf packs who have one pearl necklace on standby for expeditions to Brooklyn. But I have to make an argument for a last entry into the pantheon of wild men’s accessories. This bracelet by apt.1007, also a furniture maker, feels like a treasured mix of familiar and fresh at once. While pearl necklaces were co-opted from high society, apt.1007 gets its inspiration from the hardware aisle. I was able to snag one after the soft launch, but keep an eye out for future drops and don’t give into normalcy just yet.

Ashtrays are one of my favorite objects. Whether at a gift shop in Key West or at an antique dealer on Park Avenue, the charm of a good ashtray is one that can translate across a multitude of stores. This one by Wacko Maria materialized right out of my dreams. It maximizes the vessel’s both luxurious and campy potential, with its Hot Topic-but-make-it-elevated sensibility. Also, the artist who designed it, Neck Face, is famous for his graffiti’d demons and devils around New York, thematic territory I’m helpless not to consume. The best part for non-smokers (great for you, really!), it works just as well displayed ash-free on your side table.

Cam Wolf, Senior Style Writer

This might look like your ordinary black button-up shirt but this is Our Legacy’s freaked take on the wardrobe staple. It’s illegible through a JPEG but the shirt comes in a boucle fabric which gives this shirt a sexy dimension. The material is soft and supple and not entirely opaque. Everyone who follows menswear has come to loathe the phrase ‘classics with a twist’, but this might be the first time I’ve actually seen that philosophy applied successfully. This is going to be in my closet for a long, long time.

Camille Ramos, Coordinating Producer, GQ Video

If you were wondering how to get a piece from the coveted and now-totally-sold-out Sandy Liang x Baggu collaboration, the answer is to have a friend who already happened to be at the Orchard Street sale pick you up something before they left. While the pattern is great and it’s fun to finally be on the other side of a rare fashion-girlie grail, I’m surprised that my favorite thing about this bag is actually its utility. It has quickly been added to my phone-keys-wallet daily essentials because it packs down so easily and carries way more than your average tote bag. Thanks, Sandy!

New York winters have been getting warmer (wonder why!), and now my big midwestern parka hardly makes it out of my closet. So when I fell victim to the massive Ganni discounts during this year’s SSENSE sale, I wasn’t mad about it. This coat is the perfect piece as chilly days get more common and freezing temps become increasingly rare. My favorite thing about it is that, despite the oversized sleeves, the Ganni Geniuses added a lining with elastic at the wrist to keep the cold air from getting in. I haven’t worn it yet, but come winter, you won’t be able to tear me away from it.


Yellowstone Lake Fragrance Tonic

I struggle with fragrances. A lot of them give me headaches and I hate feeling like I smell like perfume, as opposed to just a good-smelling person. I was recently house-sitting for some friends and they had a little tester bottle of one of the Caswell-Massey Yellowstone fragrance tonics. As soon as I sniffed it I had an epiphany—it’s a great scent that doesn’t give “perfume”. I love this Lake scent in particular because it’s is so fresh and floral without veering into sweet.


Stain & Odor Laundry Detergent Pods

Because I’m a member of Gen Z and the entire weight of the climate crisis rests on my shoulders, I am always looking for eco-friendly alternatives. Laundry detergent is depressingly one of those big-footprint-creepy-forever-chemical items, but lucky for me, I found Dropps. There are no scary ingredients, recyclable packaging, carbon neutral shipping, and it really is crazy effective. This is no eye-roll hippie swap—my clothes really do look and feel cleaner than ever.

Keir Novesky, Design Director

Nope, they aren’t Birks. But they are just as or more comfortable, very lightweight and, dare I say, a more versatile sandal. I love the look and feel of the woven leather and suede uppers combined with the gum rubber sole. Fancy or casual, with socks or without, they’re stylish and reliable whether you’re rushing out the door or putting together a more thoughtful fit.


Gerald Ortiz, Style Commerce Writer

Auralee distressed selvedge-denim jeans

I’m a jean fiend and these Auralee joints have been taking up RAM on my laptop for months, living rent-free as a browser tab next to my writing assignments. The denim is lightweight and brushed soft with sporadic striations as though you’d blasted them in a washing machine a few dozen times. They’ve got a flattering high rise and blissfully baggy leg that’s ideal for all of my shoes and tops—a rare feat to achieve, generally speaking. Now my can laptop can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that it can finally let go of the Auralee tab—and I can rest easy knowing I’ve found my new everyday jeans.

J. Press Oxford dress shirt

When done right, a classic white dress shirt can look as hot as any silky button-up or revealing mesh top. Thus, I don’t plan on wearing this very Ivy button-down shirt with a tie or a sportcoat. I’ll be wearing it rakishly rumpled like it was on a 12-hour flight stuffed in a Rimowa, top three buttons undone and paired with my perfectly fitting Auralee jeans, before heading to the beach on some ’90s rom-com heartthrob energy.

Vico Magistretti for Cassina Maralunga 3-seater sofa

Diligent refreshing and monk-like patience has led me to this moment—Facebook Marketplace has smiled upon me and blessed me with my grail sofa, the Maralunga. I couldn’t fork over the money for one of the Maralungas on secondhand sites like Chairish or 1stDibs, but somehow the Universe was like “I got you.” The one I did buy was obscenely underpriced and, to be frank, kinda ragged thanks to the previous owner’s dog. Unlike the other pristine options at Chairish and 1stDibs, I’ll have to get my couch upholstered, but the ludicrous price I paid still makes it a crazy deal.

Every time I walk into Colbo, one of our top 100 menswear stores in the world, I’m met with an instant sense of warmth. Granted, that fuzzy feeling could come from any number of reasons—the interior design, the rotating roster of artists, the coffee bar, the homies. But wafting in the background through it all is the Agaric Fly incense. Each scent is designed with intention and dipped by hand, as if the intoxicating fragrance wasn’t enough to convince me to buy not one, but three different scents.

Ashley Grates, Data Analytics Manager

Holii 8 compartment travel pill organizer (2-pack)

This summer I aimed to become a more organized traveler. Thanks to this compact pill case, I no longer have to carry multiple pill bottles. It keeps everything from Advil to my probiotics organized, freeing up space for my sunglasses collection—because those can make or break a vacation fit.

Bagail packing cubes (8-pack)

For a while I was skeptical about packing cubes; I even asked a friend what the hype was around them. Let me tell you, these have really transformed my packing game. Now I’m able to organize outfits strategically instead of chaotically placing my bathing suits with my pajamas.

Raymond Ang, Editorial Operations Manager

L.L.Bean Stowaway II duffle

I recently started the grim process of trying to work out again (the pandemic was my three-year excuse) and was in need of a new gym bag. I don’t really identify as a fitness person so I didn’t want a bag that screamed “GOING TO THE GYM.” This L.L.Bean duffle was a great compromise and in the Deep Loden colorway, almost looks like a much pricier Porter Yoshida Kaban bag.

Do wine bottles need aprons? Probably not. Do these Gohar bottle aprons add some romance to my $99 Ikea dinner table? Absolutely!

Commission Graduation blazer

I’m a big fan of New York-based brand Commission’s take on office wear, so this blazer—now on deep sale on SSENSE—was hard to resist. Love to feel like the protagonist of an Edward Yang movie.

I grew up in the Philippines, where it’s always coconut jam season. Pika Pika’s take on the spread—vegan, no preservatives and artificial flavors—has become a morning staple for me. Slather it on toast, mix in with your yogurt, maybe even have it in your coffee.

Avidan Grossman, Style Commerce Editor

5 Rain-Tingling Spearmint gum (10-pack)

After giving my jaw a break for a decade or so, I’ve started chewing gum again. And let me tell you: it’s a blast! Since I last flirted with the habit, the gum market has exploded with weirdo flavors and janky oral-health promises, but my go-to stick remains all-American spearmint. It’s crisp, it’s refreshing, and no one gives you dirty looks when you’re working through a hefty wad in the office. Gum may or may not be good for you—and it’s definitely kind of gross—but the simple pleasure of stuffing your cheeks with as many pieces as they can hold is worth every snicker. Next up: summoning the moxie to become a toothpick guy.

Sisley Paris Hair Rituel serum

Sisley makes the type of products the person you dated abroad really liked, though they probably swiped their stockpile from their grandmother’s bathroom bureau. It’s the good shit, and it’s priced accordingly—but if you can stomach the sticker shock (or track down a long-lost grand-mère), it might also be worth it. I have no idea how its revitalizing serum works—the bottle touts a mix of plant extracts, vitamins, and minerals—but I’ve been drizzling it on my scalp for a month now, and it leaves my hair looking appropriately shiny, if not, y’know, “radiant with vitality”.

Front General Store vintage 14k gold chain

Pearl necklace fatigue comes for us all eventually, so if your usual jewelry sparks a little less joy than it used to, don’t go cold turkey just yet. You could try the kooky DIY route, but to my eyes, an itty-bitty gold chain feels especially fresh—and the vintage whisperers at Front General regularly unearth a treasure trove’s worth of ‘em. You’ll have to pay a nominal finder’s fee to secure one of your own, but it’s not like you were going to put in the legwork, anyway.


Tyler Chin, Associate Commerce Editor

I went to Paris with one mission: Buy a pair of moc-toe shoes. Paraboots might be the shoes of the season, but I knew I wasn’t going to drop $450, or however many euros they are, because I wanted a pair of Klemans, which I had learned about from this very website. They fit like a dream, and they broke in really quickly. I couldn’t even wait to bring them back home to wear, and ended up clocking about eight walking miles in my first day of wearing them. The Padrors also give me like an extra inch in the vertical department, which is very much appreciated for someone in the under-six-foot club. Oh, and because I copped them in Paris, after my VAT refund, they came at a hefty fraction of the price compared to the Paraboots.

Le Mont St Michel Vilhelm traditional pea jacket

Sorry, folks, I’m doing a Paris haul here. I accidentally wandered down Rue Vieille-du-Temple on the way to another menswear store (ahem, Brut, ahem) and passed by Le Mont St Michel. I knew the brand for its chore coats and popped in, falling in love with a weather-inappropriate denim pullover. It’s an archived style from the brand that it re-released complete with its low-cut placket with a single-button closure. I love this thing. It’s still a little stiff even though I’ve washed it twice, but it’s like a less casual take on a hoodie (minus the hood) for chilly summer nights. I asked the sales associate if the indigo hue would fade into a vintage wash someday and he said no, but I’m kind of hoping it will.

Maximum Henry slim standard belt in dark brown

OK, so I didn’t technically buy this belt (sue me!) but my girlfriend bought it for me after hearing me talk about it nonstop. In a way, I paid for this belt with my nagging. I’d been looking for a slim belt, something smaller than an inch in width, and I had first heard of Maximum Henry after seeing the brand on SSENSE (which is hosting a pretty epic sale right now. I love the little metal buckle and the way it just feels good to strap in. And I fell even more in love with it after being mezmorized by this video of my belt’s distant cousin being crafted into this world.

Gerald Ortiz, Style Commerce Writer

Rain Design mStand laptop stand

I used to have this same exact laptop stand months ago before I foolishly gave it away. Stacking a handful of thick art books as a substitute was cute in the beginning (bricolage, baby!), but eventually my neck had its objections. Worse, I don’t have enough aesthetically pleasing books to raise my laptop to an ergonomic level. In that neck-breaking time span, I looked for a replacement that was just as simple, sturdy, and well-designed as my first laptop stand only to come up completely empty. The solution was to either ask for my laptop stand back or pony up to my mistake and buy myself another one. So, being the too-nice person that I am (or think that I am), I went with the latter and will not be letting go of this laptop stand ever again.

Coway Airmega 230 air purifier

For whatever reason, basements seem to have their own, uh, scent. I’ve tried to combat the scent-uation by outfitting my basement with a smattering of NASA-approved plants that help to filter the air. The problem is that plants seem to like sunlight, which my basement lacks. And rather than spritzing the area with a room spray every time I descend, I opted for this air purifier. It’s boxy, unobtrusive, not overly designed, and rather plain. Some might call it normcore and in that sense, it is sort of stylish. But the more important thing is that it really filters the air quite well and with a gentle whisper that I can barely hear even when I’m standing right next to it. And that basement fragrance? Gone!

Gabe Conte, Web Producer

One thing about me is that I love a big chunky shoe. I had been seeing people talk about this newest clog from Crocs for like, two weeks. I would come across fit pic after fit pic on IG, all anchored by a massive, big, chunky clog. After a couple of weeks of this I had to act, I needed to purchase The Big Clogs. I’m happy to report they’re everything I’ve dreamed of and more. You can wear these things with everything, gym clothes, something more dressed up, literally whatever.

Outdoor Voices Train Shorts

I’m not a big athleisure person (why are we making gym clothes expensive…..) but as GQ’s resident guy who can squat 500 pounds, I have some very big legs. And sometimes, when you have very big legs, you need shorts with a liner in them because otherwise your Very Big Legs rub together and chafe. I picked these guys up because they looked nice and comfy, and needed a second pair of shorts to compliment my Baggies because I be wearing the hell out of those. They do exactly as advertised, so I cannot complain!

Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier

I’m not sure if you guys heard but it’s really hot outside lately. I’m very, very skeptical of a lot of wellness trends, since most turn out to be mostly nothing with some sort of very dubiously cited research. But (!) when one of my friends mentioned that she had started taking these before she trains in the gym, and that she feels so much better, I had to give it a try. And wow! It works! Congratulations Liquid I.V. you can take the empty spot in my pantry next to the whey and creatine as actual supplements with real efficacy!

Brandon Tan, Fashion Editor

Barragán Red Star Track Jacket

I am, as they say, in my tracksuit era, and this puppy has been on my list of grails since I saw it walk in Barragán’s Spring/Summer 2023 show in NYC last September. Browsing a shop in London earlier this month, there it hung, and despite being merchandised amongst other tempting sartorial treats, this jacket had my complete and undivided attention. The sales associated insisted I try it on, the jacket runs small and they only had one XL in stock. I obliged. As a sucker for a ‘summer jacket’, the light nylon fabric and breathable mesh lining made it an easy sell; not to mention the epic star design and bold red color that had first caught my eye last year on the runway.

Owning a garden in New York City may not be the most feasible, but you don’t actually need a backyard to look like you do. These sophisticated clogs composed of the richest cognac leather are modest in style, but totally premium in make. And through trials and tribulations of my own, I’ve come to discover that the distinguishing factor between a good clog and a perfect clog is its fastening. A clumsy clog will force your toes to clench and grip and have you tripping anyway, whereas these bad boys, with a considered strap for the back of the ankle, has afforded me miles of stylish meandering.

Studio Nicholson Black Puch Jeans

I stumbled upon Studio Nicholson’s flagship while on holiday in London. The quietly chic and minimal design of the store drew me in, but the phenomenally-cut and fabricated clothes kept me there. These pants were a no-brainer as soon as I tried them on—the wide billowy legs gave an undeniable comfort, while the heavy cotton denim kept the legs structured and wide. The pleats added a tailored sophistication to an otherwise regular pair of denim that personally, I welcomed eagerly. Easy to dress up and down, they’ve made their way quickly into my daily rotation.

Avidan Grossman, Style Commerce Editor

Shirts: in the GQ offices, you still got to wear ‘em! I’ve been thinking about button-ups a lot lately, as one does, and I bought a couple of doozies over the last few weeks.

No Maintenance short-sleeve gabardine shirt

The first is from the LA-based vintage experts at No Maintenance, who recently expanded their remit to include a full line of clothing, much to your least favorite Angeleno’s delight. (Hey, you can’t pick your fans.) Their cropped camp shirt comes equipped with an ultra-pointy collar and two chest pockets, all cut from a slinky gabardine tencel, which looks cool, but isn’t really that breezy. To misquote Family Guy misquoting a long-forgotten Cheetos commercial: It ain’t easy being sleazy—but it’s worth it.

Factor’s Sea Island long-sleeve shirt

I also snagged a crisp poplin joint from Factor’s, the next-gen suiting label founded by Sid Mashburn alum (and fellow Atlanta apostle) Matt Lambert, whose hard-rocking tailoring cribs from the freewheeling excess of the ‘70s. On SSENSE, the product listing will try to convince you that it boasts a “spread collar”, but if you care at all about menswear semantics, the description doesn’t quite do it justice; it’s more like a brolic semi-spread. I’ve been tucking it into jeans and wearing it with a blazer, or leaving it untucked over fluttery shorts when the weather is too miserable to worry about my pasty calves.

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