17 Best Lightweight Hoodies 2023: Cozy, Cool, and Remarkably Shvitz-Free

When you’re on the hunt for a sweatshirt, the best lightweight hoodies might not even cross your mind. Which kind of makes sense. The discourse around hoodies tends to focus on the hyper plush, double-brushed, satisfyingly beefy sweats that make you feel like you’re wearing a weighted blanket. Heck, you might not have been aware that lighter alternatives even existed until now. But GQ, you’re probably thinking to yourself, aren’t hoodies supposed to keep you…warm? Right you are, friend—but as with any clothing category, there are levels to consider here, and though the materials might differ from summer to fall, the need to be swaddled in a cozy knit is a year-round feeling.

The Best Lightweight Hoodies Shopping Guide

What qualifies as lightweight? Most regular, or midweight, hoodies are made of French terry, loopback, or fleece fabric that weighs around 12 ounces per square yard. Step down a weight class and you’ll find hoodies that are feather-light, bouncy, airy, and, more often than not, feel closer to a T-shirt than anything else. They may still lean on lighter versions of the aforementioned fabrics, but in order to meet their weight requirements, they’re usually crafted from jersey-type fabrics (the stuff that T-shirts are typically made from).

There’s a ton of variety within the lightweight hoodie space. From performance-focused fabrics that wick away moisture and block gym-induced odors to the regular everyday French terry hoodies to wild designer experiments, the range of lightweight hoodies is wider than you expect. So whether you’re in need of a hoodie for working out or lounging around or flexing in, the best lightweight hoodies for men have you covered.

The Best Lightweight Hoodie for Working Out

Nike Yoga Dri-FIT full-zip jacket

For fellas who prefer to get their cardio in on chillier mornings, a hoodie that’s moisture-wicking, quick drying, and super breathable is a godsend. This is that hoodie. It’s made of recycled polyester, new polyester, and a healthy helping of spandex that makes it stretchy enough for the most acrobatic of exercises.

The Best Lightweight Hoodie for Year-Round Wear

Layer 14

Jungmaven Montauk hooded sweatshirt

If you google lightweight hoodies, you’re going to be met with a flurry of either flimsy low-quality options or high-tech joints whose sole purpose in life is making gains in the gym. But what if you want, you know, a regular hoodie. One that’s perfect for lounging and not meant for running a few miles while also keeping you cozy without overheating? Jungmaven’s Montauk hoodie features a balanced blend of cotton and hemp which makes it both breathable and cool to the touch—i.e. perfect for cool evenings or relaxing at home when the AC doesn’t get quite cool enough. The best part is that it looks just like any other classic hoodie with a relaxed fit and ideal length for baggier pants and loose shorts.

The Best Freaky Lightweight Hoodie

Layer 11

Stüssy cotton mesh hoodie

As we mentioned, hoodies can achieve lightweight status a number of different ways. In this case, Stüssy does it by employing an airy, all-cotton mesh fabric that’s more holes than it is fabric. Show off your favorite graphic tee underneath or go confidently commando and let your torso peek through. Either way you wear it, it’ll be the swerviest hoodie within a 50 mile radius.

The Best T-Shirt-Like Lightweight Hoodie

Layer 9

Hanes Originals T-shirt hoodie

If you need a hoodie that’s so lightweight, it might as well be a T-shirt, you’re in luck: Hanes’ T-shirt hoodie is exactly what it sounds like. It’s just as lightweight and soft as any T-shirt but with the cozy addition of a hood. It might be a bit trickier to style, but treat it more like a Baja hoodie and pair it with a pair of vacation-ready shorts and OOO sandals and you’ll be fine.

The Softest Lightweight Hoodie

Layer 8 art

James Perse zip up hoodie

Supima cotton is prized for its extra long fibers, which make it ultra-durable and super soft. So it’s no wonder that when James Perse—esteemed high wizard of all things light and airy—put it to use in his lightweight hoodie, it would skyrocket to the top of the rankings as the softest out there. It’s extremely rare to find a hoodie this soft, let alone one made of French terry. And if the drawcord hood, full-zip closure, and kangaroo pockets don’t seal the deal for you, the lived-in pigment dye finish will.

Plus 12 More Lightweight Hoodies We Love

Layer 2

Outdoor Voices CloudKnit hoodie

Cloud-like softness with breezy breathability makes this Outdoor Voices hoodie a dream to wear.

Layer 5 art

Reigning Champ lightweight terry classic hoodie

Another great normal-looking option that won’t leave you shvitzing after 15 minutes. Reigning Champ’s high-quality hoodies offer some of the best construction on any sweatshirt.

Layer 3

Patagonia Capilene Cool daily hoody

Patagonia’s Capilene Cool is made of recycled polyester and regulates your body temperature better than your smart thermometer.

Layer 15

Our Legacy Slash distressed organic cotton-blend hoodie

Made from a cotton-linen blend in a refreshingly creamy colorway, Our Legacy’s rough-around-the-edges hoodie is ready for a trip to Baja.

Layer 4

Proof 72-Hour merino UPF hoodie

In summer, keeping cool is simply not enough—you have to make sure you’re keeping those harmful UV rays at bay, too. Proof’s 72-Hour merino hood is made with temperature-regulating merino wool and nylon that’s luxuriously light and surprisingly smooth. Plus, it’s UPF 50+ rated to ensure you won’t get burned in your new favorite hoodie.


Uniqlo stretch dry sweat long-sleeve full-zip hoodie

Uniqlo’s modern minimalism, as it turns out, translates very well in the hoodie realm. This one uses Uniqlo’s DRY fabric which excels at drying moisture along with an extra chest pocket that excels at holding snacks.

Layer 10

Lululemon Lab lightweight mesh pullover hoodie

Aside from looking like a NASA photo of the cosmos, Lululemon Lab’s hoodie is also physically cool thanks to that swishy, stretchy, and super breathable fabric.

Layer 12

Rick Owens semi-sheer hoodie

Is there any category the god Rick Owens hasn’t freaked?

Layer 13

Stone Island embroidered logo lightweight hoodie

This all-cotton hoodie is another great option that feels closer to a T-shirt—and comes with the deservedly hyped pedigree of the first name in fabric innovation.

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