14 Best Linen Sheets of 2023, Tested for Texture and Breathability

One nitpicky downside: If you have a shorter mattress in terms of thickness, you might want to try another set. Snowe’s come with “generous sizing” to accommodate any depth. That flexibility is nice to have, and probably makes sense for most people with a plushier mattress, but a slightly loose bottom fitted sheet can be the worst if it slides off or bunches up in the middle of the night. For others, the flowiness probably adds to the sumptuous comfort. Another note for people considering buying: Though we didn’t have any issues with receiving products, some reviewers note that the wait time for these sheets is frustratingly long, depending on supply chain issues. If you need sheets, like, yesterday, we’d still suggest The Citizenry as our overall favorite.  

The Best All-Season Linen Sheets: Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle linen sheet set

We’ve previously crowned this Tuft & Needle set as the best budget linen sheets out there, though the brand seems to have recently hiked the price of a sheet bundle to $260 for a queen size (which is about the same price as the other moderately-priced direct-to-consumer picks on this list). Despite the price adjustment, you’re looking at some of the softest, pre-washed linen sheets out there—with a durable weave for keeping in the linen closet for years and years. These ones are more of an all-season buy, since they tend to retain heat no matter what the weather, and we’d steer you towards airier options on the list for the hottest days of the year, like the Kassatex, Parachute, or Garnet Hill options. 

The Best Budget Linen Sheets: Quince

Quince European Linen Sheet Set

Quince European linen sheet set

Quince is in the business of offering luxury goods at non-luxury prices. Case in point: its linen sheet set, which costs a fraction of the price of other options on this list. It’s soft (after an initial wash) and breathable (as linen should be) but we found it pills a little more easily than other linen sheet sets, both through natural wear and tear (or sleeping) and through cycles in the washer and dryer. It’s also a little sheer, so you can see through it and peek at the mattress, but that issue isn’t as bad if you opt for a darker color—and for the record, Quince offers a bunch of excellent color options for its linen sheets. For the price, you can buy worse things, though if you’re maybe trying to outfit a guest room with a new sheet set, this would be a great buy.

The Best Patterned Linen Sheets: Brooklinen


Brooklinen linen core sheet set

The Brooklinen linen sheets are soft and gentle, even after one maiden wash, and as bright white as a fresh-out-of-the-bag Hanes tee. They fit on a queen mattress like a dream and lend your bed that cozy influencer-laughing-and-drinking-coffee-in-bed aesthetic that millennials crave. The rub? They’re not as super-cooling as some of the other linen sheets we’ve found though there’s no denying they’re still airy and free-breathing. On the bright side, this is the brand you go to for an Instagrammable bedroom because the sheets come in a variety of limited-edition patterns and colorways, which make you feel like you’re in a Pokemon situation—you gotta catch ’em all.

5 Other Linen Sheet Sets We Like

Riley Linen Sheet Set

Riley’s linen sheets emerged as an early favorite for us, setting the benchmark for how supremely soft and lightweight linen could be. We found that they felt remarkably similar to the Parachute linens, though the Parachute set still ended up claiming the top spot since they’re available in a far greater size and color range. Currently, the Riley linen is only available for queen and king sizes, with a fairly limited range of only four shades. 

Sijo French Linen Sheet Set

Sijo french linen sheet set

Sijo’s a relative newcomer to the bedding scene, but its biggest branding push centers around cooling bedding in all forms, from comforters to pillows to sheets. Its linen sheets are made from high quality French flax linen in small batches and come in a decent range of pleasing colors, from neutrals to pastels and stripes. For people who grumble about washing affecting the quality of a straight-out-of-the-box purchase, they also have the bonus of being pre-washed and pre-shrunk so they can slide onto your bed without a hitch. Though the sheets we tried were slightly rougher than other picks on this list, and not the most cooling (according to the brand, these sheets are less temperature-regulating than its eucalyptus and tencel sheet options), we did appreciate how polished they look on a freshly made bed, and the brand’s commitment to sustainably sourcing its fibers.

Garnet Hill Artful Pattern Relaxed Linen Bedding

Garnet Hill artful pattern relaxed-linen bedding

If you’re more of a maximalist, or just a particularly hot sleeper, we were also a big fan of Garnet Hill’s ample selection of “relaxed-linen” bedding—available in any number of handsome designs and colorways. These are some of the airiest linens we’ve ever slept on, like dozing off on tissue paper-thin bedding. They’re pre-washed but maintain a slight roughness to them, and a little less starchy than their peers (so they wrinkle easier), but they’re incredibly lightweight and breathable for helping you keep cool, without completely abandoning your covers in the process. 

Layer 1

Simple & Opulence Belgian Linen Sheet Set

You can buy good sheets on Amazon, and Simple & Opulence offers a pretty good linen sheet set for those on a budget. While not made of 100% linen, reviewers of this set still find it to be soft, breathable, and comfortable. These have nearly 1,700 reviews, and as one shopper lauds: “The wrinkles smooth out easily and the comfort is second to none. Best sheets ever and well worth the price. I’m so pleased that i’m ordering again.”

Layer 2

Rough Linen Smooth linen sheet set

Maybe “Rough Linen” isn’t a great brand name when your popular bedding is called the “smooth linen sheet set,” but hey, we’re here to let you know these are in fact some really good and airy linen sheets. They don’t come in very many colors—just six muted options—but the material itself is thick and true to the brand name (they definitely have more of a rough texture) rather than the “smooth linen” product description. It’s all quite confusing, but if you’re really trying to figure out if this set is right for you, the brand offers a free sample of the material to see if it’s something you can actually sleep with every night. You can also buy the bedding piece by piece (say if you just want a new flat sheet), and the fitted sheet comes in both standard and deep options for 14- and 19-inch tall mattresses respectively. 

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