13 Scented Candles That Are Perfect for Summer

In my opinion, there are two can’t-fail essentials for any dinner party: positive energy and intriguing conversation. Nothing beats uplifting company and stimulating, thought-provoking discussion at a table with family in friends. Gifts from the guests are, of course, appreciated, but not necessary. Still, if I’m being honest, whenever someone insists on bringing something to a fete at mine, I want to delicately nudge them to skip the usual wine-or-dessert options and, instead, consider a lovely, chic, scented candle. Why candles? Because they provide the kind of indulgence that any host can enjoy, even during the height of a party. These elegant products also give you a precious chance to pause, take it all in, and breathe. To enrich the experience for you and your partygoers, we’ve listed our favorite new candles on the market right now—all of which are made for summer get-togethers.

The Candle With a Personalized Touch

From Flamingo Estate—one of the most beautifully curated lifestyle brands out there—comes a new and larger version of the brand’s popular Jasmine and Rose candle (notably, the label is blank, allowing you to name this product whatever you please). Something about the winning combination of damask rose and night jasmine seriously uplifts the room, and feels as if we’ve brought a slice of the stunning Flamingo Estate home.

Vacation Mode: Unlocked

It doesn’t matter if you’re sailing on the Italian Riviera or eating takeout dinner in your living room—this candle will transport you to the Amalfi Coast (minus the airport traffic and customs line). From the iconic Le Sirenuse hotel in Positano, Eau D’Italie will take you into a world of blissful relaxation. With intoxicating tuberose, black currant, and the warmth of comforting amber all coming into play, this candle is nothing short of a magical portal to sun-drenched afternoons overlooking the sea.

When You Can’t Get Enough Florals

If you don’t have bunches of bouquets to fill a room, this stunning candle with invigorating green herbs and florals has you more than covered. Trudon spent years perfecting the exact scent that once bloomed in the gardens of Versailles. The result? A mesmerizing mixture of rosemary, mint, tuberose, peony, and oak wood.

Beach House Vibes

This magical blend of delicate rose water, refreshing lychee, and an ever-so-light hint of sandalwood mixes with the smell of the ocean perfectly. We loved the notes—Dream Lychee is truly a delightful addition to your favorite settings.

For Slow Sunday Afternoons

Burning this candle brings me an immense feeling of serenity, particularly on the weekends, when I’m either relaxing or tidying up my living space. It’s the perfect blend of zesty yuzu—which keeps the atmosphere refreshing and clean—and neroli, an ingredient that lends a truly pacifying effect. This candle is a personal favorite of mine, and the joy its scent brings throughout the house is truly priceless.

For Cocktail Hour in the Desert

This candle was, hands down, one of our top favorites—perfect for warm summer nights spent under the stars. We love it for cocktail hour, too (pair the candle with a refreshing cucumber margarita while you survey Palm Springs’s breathtaking mountainscape for peak vibes). There’s a smoldering scent to this very cool candle, along with a calming medley of wild mint, bergamot, blonde woods, and a touch of heady musk to keep things mellow.

When Celebrating New Beginnings…

Diptyque’s latest Roses candle is a classic, but still new—because the brand has just released an XL size that will burn for hours while your guests sip wine spritzers late into the evening. Roses represent fresh starts, lending this product a special feel. Consider it as a gift for recent grads, or your best friend who just got engaged.

For Your Daily Morning Ritual

The rose is certainly refined in this candle, but the nuanced spearmint scent here is the real star—it’s peppy, yet not overdone. I’ve found myself burning this each morning at my desk while I tackle my inbox. The new Carrières Frères La Rose Aime La Menthe is a clear winner to burn and welcome the new day.

Gifting the Host Who Inspires You

The presentation and aroma are so on point here. Don’t hesitate if you’re considering this for a gift—it’s so good, you’ll want one for yourself, too. The packaging is exquisite, eliminating the need for any extra wrapping when gifting it to a cherished friend or gracious hostess. The subtle layers of white willow, cardamom, and top notes of Italian lemon and ginger lily create a symphony of scent that’s simply divine.

For Your Living Room

Liis’s second collaboration with ARC Objects designer and ceramist Daniela Jacobs doesn’t come with a loud label or an overbearing scent. This refined, new candle features notes of sage, eucalyptus, blood orange, and tonka wood—and burns gently in a minimal, bath-shaped vessel.

For Your Earth-Conscious Bestie

If there’s one word to describe this candle, it’s dignified. Corpus’s latest contains just enough “special” without overdoing the flavors, giving beautiful layers of clean-burning, plathate-free vetiver, cedar, amber, and oak. Plus, the cotton wick here is sustainable.

For Your Partner’s Man Cave

Contrary to the brand’s playful name, this candle is actually a very grown-up, musky scent ideal for evenings. We imagine filling a refined library or lounge area with the harmonious blend of saffron, earthy mushroom, upcycled eucalyptus, and subtle hints of jasmine, freesia, and moss.

For Your Guest Bathroom

You might have to buy multiples of this one, as Hotel Lobby has absolutely nailed the fresh vibe with this candle. “Hamptons” is imbued with invigorating basil, geranium, and vine-ripened tomato scents, filling the room of your choice with one of our favorite aromas of the season.

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