13 Best Weed Grinders in 2024 for Consistency, Tested

The best part? The grinder is modular by design. You can configure and assemble it in various ways. You can remove the sifting chamber, or you can convert it to a slim pocketable storage puck. It comes in four finishes, including blue, matte black, matte silver, rose gold.

The Best Splurge-y Weed Grinder: Brilliant Cut Stainless Steel Grinders

If you take cannabis seriously, you’ll want a serious grinder. Brilliant Cut’s stainless steel grinder is quite possibly the best we’ve ever tested, offering a seamless grind and expertly chopped-up weed. The lineup of grinders are as heft as they are stately, using a proven mechanical design engineered to minimize friction and metal wear, while ensuring the weed is actually ground instead of being crushed.

Tested and Reviewed by Coleman Molnar

Courtesy of Coleman Molnar

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Tested and Reviewed by Coleman Molnar

Courtesy of Coleman Molnar

The brand also leverages the use of magnets to mitigate potential jamming when the device is packed. As a result, despite being the heaviest grinder we’ve taken for a spin, the BCG rotates easily even when packed. There are three different grind plates to choose from—coarse, medium, and fine—but you can also opt to buy all three (for extra, of course), which we recommend a better variety of ground-up flower.

The Best Acrylic Weed Grinder: Budeaze World’s Fastest Herb Grinder

Plastic weed grinders get a bad rap for quality—namely that the teeth break, the body cracks, the threading wears away, and worse: Plastic may eventually start to flake off with use. But Budeaze has solved for these common issues and turned in a solid acrylic option. The Budeaze World’s Fastest Herb Grinder offers what the brand calls “on-demand” grinding, which means you can break down what you need at the moment while keeping the rest of your bud fresh for a later time. You can load up to three grams through the clear bottom, while the top compresses and grinds it down to size.

The Best Glass Weed Grinder: Houseplant Glass Grinder

Seth Rogen is one funky ashtray away from being more famous for his weed paraphernalia than his acting. This green grinder from his high-minded smoking accessories brand Houseplant looks like an object you’d find in an antiques store, but inside of this circular vessel you’ll find a tight little grinding unit. It’s glass, so handle it with care, but it does feel like a piece of art so you’ll probably do just fine.

The Best Wooden Weed Grinder: Raw Birchtop Grinder

Raw is best known for its rolling papers and rolling trays, but it also makes other decent weed accessories like this wooden grinder. The top is made from birch with a noticeably smooth finish on the exterior and impressively sharp wooden teeth inside. The glass bottom is available in both a clear and blue finish. Wooden weed grinders are less common than, say, stainless steel or plastic, but the brand has done a solid job of creating a grinder that has an earthy feel and looks a little different all while doing what it promises to do: shred fine flower.

The Best Design-Minded Weed Grinder: Edie Parker Tabletop Grinder

These days, you don’t have to settle for cannabis accessories that look like they belong in a dorm. Over the past few years, a new crop of brands have been helping pave the way for weed gear that you wouldn’t mind leaving out on your coffee table when you have guests over. Edie Parker gets it, and we’re a huge fan of the brand’s color-blocked grinder.

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Tested and Reviewed by Coleman Molnar

Courtesy of Coleman Molnar

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Tested and Reviewed by Coleman Molnar

Courtesy of Coleman Molnar

In our tests, this four-piece metal grinder was able to get through a hefty amount of weed with ease, and we really appreciated the rubber exterior, which made gripping the otherwise all-metal grinder way easier. It’s available in two different colorways, and plays nice with the rest of Edie Parker’s run of design-minded cannabis accessories.

The Best Electric Weed Grinder: Banana Bros Otto Grinder

Unlike others on this list, Banana Bros’ automatic weed grinder requires just a press of a button to smoothly and evenly mill your cannabis, rather than grinding it, thanks to its precision blades that adjust the pressure and speed by sensing the texture of your flower. The flower ends up getting sliced up into finer pieces rather than getting ground up, resulting in a more uniform flower that burns more evenly , creates a better flavor, and ensures a longer-lasting high.

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