11 Moisturizing Hair Products to Tackle Winter Frizz and Dryness

Summer might seem like prime time for your hair to go haywire and frizzy, but the winter months are also Mother Nature’s playground—and she will throw some curveballs. Dry air, unpredictable rain, humidity, snow, and other environmental factors could lead to dryness and excessive frizz. Everyone has their go-to smoothing products and techniques, like Los Angeles-based hairstylist Nicholas Flores, whose client list includes Sofia Richie. His tip: post-blowout, use a flat iron to gently tap the roots of your hair to ensure your roots won’t get frizzy later.

To save you some time (and make less complicated a pesky hair problem), we’ve gathered a handful of the best tried-and-true, game-changing products to keep your hair smooth and shiny this winter, according to your hair type/concern. The elements won’t stand a chance.

The Best Styling Balm

The best blowout balm, hands down. This product leaves hair quite soft, manageable, and with no trace of frizz all day and night. Usually, we steer clear of protein-laden products but this formulation contains vegan Spirulina protein, which won’t weight the hair down. A little goes a long way with this balm—so only use a small amount, according to the length of your hair.

The Best Heat-Activated Styling Spray

You have to use it to believe it—this styling spray is worth every pretty penny. One application and you’ll get 72 hours of frizz-free locks without any heavy residue, thanks to Virtue’s proprietary technology. The hair always feels exceptionally smooth with this product, and more importantly, under control.

To Tame Stubborn Baby Hairs and Bangs

This is a definite must-have for your hair tool repertoire. It takes less than a minute to use this exceptional flat iron; it’s perfect for adding some finishing touches to your hair look. The GHD Mini Styler is also phenomenal in controlling hard-to-reach baby hairs and unruly bangs with precision.

The Best Hair Pomade for Flyaways

Consider a pomade stick to tame your flyaways. We believe this is the best one on the market, and the fact that it’s a fixture on many photo shoots proves its efficacy. It is uncomplicated, easy to apply, (it looks like a mini deodorant stick), and the perfect size to throw into a travel bag.

The Best Hairbrush to Style—and Add Shine

A good boar’s head brush makes all the difference in hair styling, especially when the weather is unforgiving—and unpredictable. By far our favorite, the Ibiza MB4 Round Brush smoothes and defines strands thanks to high-quality boar bristles and an easy-grip cork handle.

The Best Microfiber Hair Towel

Yes, there is a connection between the towel you use to dry your hair and frizz. The wrong towel can contribute to additional frizz, as rough cotton towels can create breakage. Pellequr’s It’s a Wrap towel is a fast-absorbing 50/50 blend of cotton and microfiber that is kinder to wet hair, reduces any chances of future damage, and is easy to maneuver around the head.

The Best Humidity-Blocking Finishing Spray

This is an excellent spray to keep hair in perfect place—and basically immune to flyaways. Unlike the other sprays on the market, this is weightless and has a pleasant scent that isn’t overwhelming.

The Best Hydrating Mask for Curly and Coily Hair

With just one use, your hair will become notably softer, the bounce of your curls reinforced. Kérastase’s product provides an incredible dose of hydration to wavy, curly, very curly, and coily hair types. This mask gives your mane a nice sheen. Leave it on for at least ten minutes each time to reap the full benefits.

The Best Hydrating Mask for Fine to Medium Hair

Hydration is always the keyword when it comes to reducing flyaways and pesky hair static. Shu Uemura’s deep hydration mask is by far one of our all-time favorites; it keeps strands full of moisture and eliminates excess frizz. Use for three minutes twice a week for best results.

The Best Hydrating Shampoos and Conditioners

We had to narrow it down to two. Pureology, for its simplicity and moisturizing properties, and 14th Night, a silicone-free formulation infused with pomegranate, argan, and almond oils as well as quinoa peptides that repair excess damage while smoothing the hair.

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