11 Best Sex Games of 2024, From Card Decks to Dirty Twister

Dice and cards aren’t just for family-friendly fun. The best sex games, a provocative spin on choose-your-own-adventure entertainment, encourage playtime but also new ways of opening up with your partner.

The Best Sex Games, at a Glance

Some sex games are directly explicit, like dice that have you act out certain prompts with your partner (whipped cream, madame?). Others are more focused on building up physical and emotional chemistry. These tamer options can usually lead to a deeper understanding of your partner and hopefully better connections in every way. And while most sex games are designed for pairs, a few are even made for playing with groups of three or more. Ready to level up your foreplay? Here are some of the best sex games to try with your partner(s).

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The Best Sexy Board Game for Multiple Players: Sex!!!

Whether you’re in a throuple or polycule, exploring swinging, or just hanging out with a group of open-minded friends, this sex game is even more fun with multiple players. You’ll roll dice to move your game piece across the board, landing on squares along the way that instruct you to kiss, lick, and spank other players, talk dirty, take clothes off, and more. One Lovehoney reviewer calls it “a quick, fun game to get you in the mood.” Whoever reaches the end first can spin the included Twister-style wheel, which tells you what position to get into for your “grand prize”: sex, of course.

The Best Kinky Sex Game: Domin8 Master Edition Kit

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Domin8 Master Edition Kit

Danielle Bezalel, host of the podcast Sex Ed with DB, recommends this game for couples who want to explore BDSM together. Players alternate laying down kink-themed dominoes. Once the last tile has been played, the winner draws a scenario card that matches the icon on the last domino they laid down, and decides whether they want to take a more dominant or submissive role in the given scenario. The tasks on the cards incorporate bondage, sensory play, sadomasochism, roleplay, and more. Best of all, this kit includes some kinky accessories that’ll come in handy while you’re playing the game, including some metal wrist cuffs, a feather tickler, bondage tape, a blindfold, and a spanking paddle.

The Best Intimacy-Building Card Game: Better Together

This deck of cards is inspired by the infamous “36 questions to fall in love” list developed by social psychologist Arthur Aron. It includes 100 cards full of questions that range topics like family, relationships, dreams, and secrets. You’ll get to know each other better, whether you’ve been together for 20 years or 20 minutes, while also getting a little flirty. Alexandra Roxo, a love coach and the author of Dare to Feel, recommends this game for couples who are new to playing sexy games together: “It’s classy and suggestive (versus super explicit), and you learn a lot about your lover in this game,” she says.

The Best Sexy Conversation-Starter Game: 100 Flirty and Dirty Sex Questions

Chronicle Books

100 Flirty & Dirty Sex Questions

Angie Rowntree, founder and director of porn website Sssh, suggests this card game for couples looking to learn about each other’s desires through conversation. This deck of cards is similar to the one above, except that it’s more explicitly sex-focused. You can take turns pulling cards and asking each other questions about past sexual experiences, future sex goals, favorite sexual fantasies, and more. “This deck is inclusive, sex-positive, and perfect for couples of all sexual orientations,” Rowntree says.

The Best Dirty Talk Game: Oh! Talk Dirty


Oh! Talk Dirty playing cards

For people who feel embarrassed to engage in dirty talk, or simply lack the script or the words to get into it, this card deck nudges things along by giving you cues to practice little by little. Cards feature Mad Libs-style prompts like “I want you to come all over my [blank]” and “Tell me what you think about when you masturbate,” all designed to get dialogue flowing. The deck comes with instructions for three different games you can play, or you can just take turns pulling them and trying out what they suggest. “[These cards] have helped introduce us to the world of roleplay and helped improve our confidence,” one Lovehoney reviewer wrote.

The Best Sex Dice: Naughty But Dice

If you want a truly quintessential, classic sex game, try some sex dice. They’re ubiquitous, affordable, and portable. Gaming nerds might be reminded of Dungeons & Dragons, but these aren’t your typical numbered dice: “The ‘adventures’ or ‘quests’ that you’ll be going on in this game are much more thrilling than anything your regularly scheduled tabletop night could contrive,” Rowntree says. Each set includes a 12-sided die featuring the names of different body parts, an eight-sided die covered in action words (kiss, lick, scratch, stroke, etc.), and two 12-sided dice printed with illustrations of various sex positions. Roll the body parts and actions dice together to determine which “foreplay” activities to do, and once you’re all warmed up, you can move on to the sex positions dice and try out some new moves together. Who knew a simple roll of the dice could bring so much pleasure?

The Best Kissing Game: Creative Kisses

Kissing is one of those things that can get a bit boring and rote once you’ve been together for a while, but it still offers a lot in terms of intimacy and connection. Each of the 101 cards in this deck suggests a particular way to kiss each other—just take turns pulling cards and trying out each suggestion. Games that revolve around conversation are all well and good, but Wenzdai “Wednesday” Tosca, a dating and compatibility expert at perfumery Eye of Love, recommends games that push you to get physical, like this one: “Standing, moving, reaching, and teasing [all] get your blood pumping, releasing feel-good endorphins and reconnecting you to your body,” she says. It’ll give your lips and tongue a workout, at the very least.

The Best Sex Positions Deck: Hot Sex Deck

Ever fall into the trap of asking each other, “What do you want for dinner?” follwed by, “I dunno, what do you want?” over and over again until you can finally make a decision? This card deck seeks to solve the sexual version of that problem: being unable to decide how you wanna do it. Each card features a sex position, and the cards are sorted into 10 different “scenarios” (e.g. “we want a quickie,” “make him orgasm faster,” “give her a G-spot orgasm,” etc.), so that you can find a position that’s right for your current needs and desires. “While you can definitely ‘pick a card, any card,’ we like that this deck helps couples to zero in on the mechanisms for better sex,” Rowntree says. This deck’s pretty heteronormative, though, so queer couples may want to consider a different game on this list instead.

The Best Book of Sexy Challenges: 101 Nights of Great Sex

While this is technically a book and not a game, it ticks a lot of the same boxes as many sex games: It’s a guided experience that encourages you to try new things together sexually. “This book has 101 ‘nights,’ or activities, that are sealed inside, so you can’t sneak a peek before you actually try them,” say Amy Baldwin and April Lampert, the hosts of the Shameless Sex podcast. “They are unique, interactive, creative, and usually lead to deeper connection and sexy times.” Once a week, you and your partner can each tear one of the sealed suggestions out of the book and open it up. You’ll be assigned a sexy task or challenge to surprise your partner with sometime that week, including new oral sex techniques, sex positions, kinky roleplays, and more. It would be especially great for couples who want to re-ignite the passion in their relationship, but feel like they’re lacking ideas for how.

The Best Sex Board Game for Anybody: OSG (Our Sex Game)

You and your partner can play this game together regardless of your gender, anatomy, or sexual orientation, so it gets bonus for inclusivity. Both players start the game by writing down a secret sex fantasy they’d like to act out; this will be their prize if they win (assuming everyone consents, of course). From there, it’s a Sorry!-esque board game where you roll a numbered die and move your piece around the board, landing on squares that instruct you to do various sensual things, like tie your partner down and have your way with them, or eat a tasty food or treat off your partner’s skin. The sheer quantity of sexual challenges this game offers is impressive, especially considering how gender-neutral it manages to be.

The Best Non-Sexy Game You Can Make Sexy: Twister

You probably haven’t played this one since you were a kid, but it can definitely be repurposed in more adult ways. Elize Kapaeva, a certified sexologist for the dating app Pure, recommends playing “Strip Twister.” Opinions differ on the official rules—you could each take off an article of clothing whenever the spinner lands on red, whenever you fall down, or just straight-up play naked. “It’s fun, it’s funky, and most importantly, it’s anything but boring,” Kapaeva says. While two players can enjoy this game, it’s also well-suited for sparking sexual tension in group situations, since multiple people can play.

Why should I play sex games with my partner?

There are a few big reasons to consider incorporating sex games into your relationship (or situationship, as the case may be):

Communication: Communicating about sex can be really difficult, especially if one or both of you grew up in a conservative environment that instilled a lot of sex shame in you. “Using a card deck or game together can take the pressure off either partner being the one to suggest trying something new, which can be really freeing,” explains Roxo. A person could simply chalk it up to “the card made me do it.”

Mixing Things Up: Stuck in a sexual rut? “Sex games create a feeling of newness and spontaneity, even when planned,” say Baldwin and Lampert. And hey, who knows: While doing what a game instructs you to do, you might just discover your new favorite thing.

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