10 healthy, on-the-go snacks for busy moms, according to a dietitian

Of course you have kid-friendly snacks stashed away in every bag, purse and vehicle for when your little ones start complaining of hunger, but how well stocked are you for when your own hunger strikes? Of course, we can snack on applesauce pouches and yogurt bites, but honestly, we moms deserve better. 

Keeping healthy, nutrient-dense snacks in the house (and purse and car) is essential for keeping my energy high and my mood even, no matter what hurdle gets thrown into the day. And while any food is better than no food, there are a few nutrients you want to keep in mind when picking healthy on-the-go snacks. 

Snacks are the perfect way to tide yourself over between meals and to sneak in extra nutrients that you may be falling short on. Protein and fiber are two nutrients I like to pack into my snacks to help meet my daily needs, keep my energy levels high and feel full and satisfied. 

Protein helps you feel satisfied and keeps you full longer while also supporting muscle strength, repair and an even release of energy. Fiber has a similar effect on your appetite while also supporting a healthy gut. Most women should be getting 25 to 28 grams of fiber per day, or 14 grams for every 1,000 calories eaten. Sneaking these nutrients into snacks makes it easier to hit your daily goals. 

And while I’m not opposed to added sugars when they make sense (hello, family walks to the ice cream shop!), I’d rather keep them out of regular meals and snacks. Diets high in added sugars can lead to weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, and other health conditions, as well as leave you feeling drained of energy. When looking for healthy grab and go snacks that will help you feel your best, I prefer added sugars to be 5 grams or less per serving.  

Whether you’re craving something sweet, salty, savory or have special diet needs, having packaged snacks ready to go when you are is essential. Most of these snacks can be found in stores and purchased online, and some are even available as subscriptions to make your life even easier! 

Here are 10 healthy, on-the-go snacks for moms to toss in their bag to enjoy any time hunger strikes

Edamame Beans

The Only Bean

$18.97 (pack of 5)

The Only Bean edamame beans are crunchy, satisfying, and bound to keep you full and satisfied between school pick-up and playdates. Each serving has five grams of fiber and 13 to 14 grams of protein. With flavors like ranch, sriracha, wasabi, buffalo and sea salt, there’s a taste for any mood and plenty of heat to keep your little one from stealing your snack.

White Cheddar PuffsWhite Cheddar Puffs



If you love white cheddar popcorn and Cheetos, meet their healthier cousin, Hippeas. These puffs are loaded with white cheddar flavor and have a crunchy but melt-in-your-mouth texture. You can feel good about eating them, too, as each serving has three grams of fiber and four grams of protein, helping them keep you full while satisfying your crunchy chip cravings.

Almond Butter Chip BarAlmond Butter Chip Bar


$25 (pack of 12)

IQ bars are perfect for slipping in your purse or diaper bag for a quick pick-me-up when you need it. Each bar has 12 grams of plant-based protein and eight grams of fiber to keep you full and satisfied. There are no added sugars and each serving has brain-supporting nutrients like vitamin E, choline, Lion’s Mane and omega-3 fatty acids.

Classic Peanut Butter Spread Squeeze PacksClassic Peanut Butter Spread Squeeze Packs


$14.32 (10 pack)

For high-protein healthy on the go snacks, toss a packet of Justin’s Peanut Butter into your bag along with some fruit like a banana or an apple. These packets make it easy to carry peanut butter (also available in almond butter) with you, no knife or spoon is required.

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Protein BarChocolate Chip Peanut Butter Protein Bar

Verb Energy

$28.45 (12 pack)

When you need an afternoon pick-me-up, reaching for a coffee drink could actually leave you feeling zapped, especially if it’s high in sugar. Instead, snack on a Verb protein bar that has 10 grams of protein, three grams of fiber, and 80 milligrams of caffeine to power you through the afternoon slump. Plus, you can even order from their website with a subscribe and save option to save yourself precious time and money!

Fig Probiotic Fruit BarFig Probiotic Fruit Bar

That’s It.

$22 (12 pack)

With just figs and 2 billion CFUs of probiotics, there’s no question that everything in this bar is good for you and your gut. The figs, and the four grams of fiber that come with them, act as prebiotics in your digestive tract, feeding the good gut bacteria.

Organic Nutrition Grass-Fed Protein ShakeOrganic Nutrition Grass-Fed Protein Shake


$25.40 (12 pack)

We don’t always have time to blend a protein shake or smoothie together, which is exactly where these Orgain pre-made shakes come in. Whether you’re on your way home from a workout class or taking the dog for a walk, these shakes are smooth, creamy and have 16 grams of protein to help fuel for or recover from any workout. There’s no need to refrigerate them, so just toss one in your bag or car for a protein boost when you need it.

Mamma Chia Blueberry Acai Squeeze Vitality SnackMamma Chia Blueberry Acai Squeeze Vitality Snack

Mamma Chia

$5.49 (4 pack)

Squeeze pouches aren’t just for your kids! Keep a stash of these Mamma Chia Prebiotic squeeze pouches in your car or bag for a sweet boost of prebiotic fiber any time of day. Each pouch has six grams of fiber for a happy gut as 1,200 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids to support a healthy heart and brain.

Baked Green Pea SnacksBaked Green Pea Snacks

Harvest Snaps


Another crunchy snack that is sure to leave you satisfied and full, Harvest Snaps have four grams of fiber per serving and five grams of protein. Since they’re just peas, oil, rice and salt, you could even count them as a serving of veggies!

Classic Beef StickClassic Beef Stick

The New Primal

$38 (20 pack)

For a savory snack that doesn’t need a refrigerator, beef sticks can help fill you up and satisfy a meaty, umami craving, no matter where it strikes. I love that these beef sticks have just 12% of the daily value for sodium and have six grams of protein per stick with no added sugars or artificial preservatives.

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