10 best sports bras for moms, according to an expert

Ah, the dreaded sports bra. Finding a good one is almost as bad as shopping for a strapless bra — but not quite as bad as a root canal. Or is it? 

For 20 years, I’ve been the go-to guide for empowering women with style while helping them find the best bras for their shape, size and comfort needs. From my best-selling book, The Bra Book, to appearances on NBC’s Today, I’ve helped millions of women look and feel their best with upbeat advice on bras and more. I’m also a mom, so I know the importance of having a bra that keeps up with our busy, active lifestyles. 

And while the bra industry is constantly evolving and becoming more targeted to all our bra needs, it’s hard to cut through the noise and pinpoint precisely which sports bra keeps its promises—and will do the heavy lifting for you. Plus, the best sports bras are not designed to be a one-size-fits-all-all—you may need different sports bras for different activities. That’s a lot of pressure! 

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Even though sports bras have been around for more than 30 years (I recently interviewed the designer of the very first one ever created and patented, which was fashioned from a jock strap (!!) on my podcast Visible Panty Lines), they are still a mystery to most women, especially those with larger breasts. Even if you find one that’s supportive, it may squash you flat like a pancake and give you the dreaded uni-boob. 

Author Jennifer Weiner (In Her Shoes) recently caused a stir on social media when she posted a TikTok video as she was getting ready to run. The video got people’s attention because Wiener was zipping up three sports bras to reign in her larger bust. Believe it or not, layering multiple sports bras is a common tactic for ample-busted women who complain they can’t find proper sports support. 

And their diligence is warranted. Researchers say an unsupported breast can bounce up and down as much as 6 centimeters when you’re working out and even A-cups can move the length of a paperclip—not a good thing for our girls’ overall health and wellness! 

Sports bras are essential, not just for lifestyle reasons but to protect our sensitive breast tissue made up of what’s referred to as Cooper’s ligaments. These structures can stretch during excessive movement, and if overstretched, they cannot recover, which leads to not only damage to the skin on the breasts (aka sagging) but also pain. In a UK female athletes survey, 51% experienced breast pain and 29% said poorly fitting bras affected their performance. 

With all that in mind, we wanted to give you a running start on finding the right sports bra. We’ve selected ten sports bras covering high-impact activities like running, containing larger breasts, low-impact activities like yoga, everyday mommin’ and even a nursing bra.

How to shop for the best sports bras 

First, you should know that sports bras generally come in two styles: compression and encapsulation. 

  • Compression: This is the common style that women often think of. It comes in one piece, gets pulled over your head, or zips up the front. The idea behind this is that it “compresses” breasts together and to your chest to prevent them from moving. 
  • Encapsulation: This style of sports bra is similar to a regular bra in that it has somewhat separated cups and often a band with a clasp in the back. It “encapsulates” both breasts separately but helps hold them firm to your chest so they don’t move. Sometimes, they even have an underwire for additional support. 

In the case of sports bras for large breasts, encapsulation is generally preferred as the compression style can still have movement when the fabric offers too much stretch. 

Tips to find the right sports bra

  • Bounce test: I always recommend doing the “bounce test” when you get the bra on for the first time. This simply entails jumping up and down in front of a mirror to see whether or not your breasts are moving or staying firm to your chest. 
  • Consider the activity: Sports bras are designed with a particular activity in mind, such as a yoga bra, which is more for low impact, or a high-impact bra for running and kickboxing. Often, if you look at the bra’s tag or online description, it will tell you what it’s designed for. 
  • Proper fit: As with any bra, knowing your true bra size at this very moment will help! Get a proper bra fitting before you embark on that purchase. 

Now that you know what to look for, you’re on your way to a bounce-free future! Here are ten sports bras that’ll go the distance—and then some! 

Best sports bras for larger busts




This “Ultimate” bra from SHEFIT — created by a mom-of-four — is the first fully adjustable sports bra with its “zip cinch lift” patented technology, which allows you to customize the fit of the bra on your body, thereby reducing “bounce” by 50%! It’s suitable for the highest impact activities, plus it comes in many pretty colors and doesn’t need to be covered up! They have their own unique sizing system, but its extended range accommodates up to 55” busts! 

Nike Dri-FIT Indy



Dri-FIT Indy

Specifically designed for larger busts from Nike’s plus-size collection, it has front adjustable straps, which many sports bras don’t. Plus, Nike has always made a decent sports bra, which is under $50—a great price point for medium support activities and Nike quality.

Victoria’s Secret Knockout High Impact Sport Bra

Victoria’s Secret


Knockout High Impact Sport Bra

This one is a fave because it has a patented “bra within a bra” technology and a premium 4-way stretch — meaning you get two bras in one (accommodating up to a size 40F). It has hidden cushioned underwire cups with a front-zip “cover.” The adjustable padded straps offer stabilized support, perfect for running, boxing and other high-impact cardio. Like SHEFIT, it has a higher-end semi-auto-lock zipper (very important if you’re like me and you’ve had your bra spring open at the gym!) Plus, the size range accommodates up to a size 40F.

LIVI by Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant



Your best bet for a bounce-free high-impact workout is LIVI Active’s maximum support sports bra, which keeps you running, jumping, and kicking serious butt. Molded underwire cups provide full-coverage support with wide, padded straps for extra comfort. Sheer mesh insets and the back band keep the air flowing. Up to a 40H!

Best sports bras for any bust




X Bra

Light and supportive, the everyday X Sports bra from BRABAR is effortless, comfy and soft. Also a mom-owned small brand, this pull-on racerback style is seamless with double-layer cups and is perfect for all your medium-impact activities (or just dropping the kids off at school and sidelines at the soccer games!) It has targeted support where you need it the most and provides shape and support as you move about your day. It’s a comfortable choice for everyday wear!

Essential Bodywear “Jesse”

Essential Bodywear



The Jesse Sports Bra is built to give maximum support with full underwire, contoured construction, and a bounce-free cup design. And did I mention that it’s cooling??? The ventilated mesh panels and breathable, moisture-wicking fabric help keep you cool and dry regardless of activity. The four-panel hook-and-eye back closure supports up to 42G, making this bra easy to take on and off — so no more fighting to get out of your sweaty bra post-workout.

Love and Fit Athena 3.0

Love and Fit


Athena 3.0

Nursing mamas with sore, heavy breasts need a little love, too! The Athena 3.0 from Love and Fit was designed by a mama, for mamas, for mid to high support and coverage, and offers a secure fit, adjustable straps covered with smooth, silky fabric to keep you super comfortable (i.e., no painful digging in) — and the interchangeable clips are thicker and super secure for easy nursing pre or post-workout. They also added five tiers of adjustability to the back band. You can wear the adjustable straps crisscrossed or keep them vertical for an everyday bra.

HoneyLove V-Neck Bra



V-Neck Bra

While technically not a sports bra, this buttery, soft, high-quality v-neck pullover style bra from Honeylove fits the bill for everyday low and moderate-impact activities, like yoga or running errands. Supportive micro fabric, bonded bust support, and a hardware-free design will make you feel lifted, secure, and oh-so-smooth with a comfort level that’s so good you won’t want to rip it off at the end of the day!

Wacoal Simone




If you’re forever searching for a sports bra built with as much support as your favorite regular bra, your search ends here. Singer Taylor Dayne is campaigning for the brand that gives back during Breast Cancer Awareness Month with its Fit for the Cure efforts. This maximum support Simone style has a unique outside underwire design to anchor breasts firmly in place while you run, jump, row, or spin to your heart’s content.

Voglia Genie




Sometimes, you want something simple but functional, and that’s the case with this Genie sports bra from swimwear and active brand Voglia. Made from smooth, breathable fabric that wicks away moisture, this lightly lined bra offers full coverage and support. Whether you’re lounging or running a marathon (which we moms do daily in the non-literal sense), the stabilizing straps and compression fit make every movement effortless, while the low racerback allows for mobility.

Once you’ve got your new sports bra… 

Remember to properly care for your sports bra to extend its life (especially with sports bras since they are typically constructed of more high-tech and wicking-type materials). Wash between every use with the bra secured in a mesh garment bag to protect any clasps, as the dirt, sweat and oils in our skin can break down the materials of the bra faster. If possible, you’ll want to use a gentle detergent and a cool water “delicate” cycle. You’ll also want to avoid extreme heat, such as the dryer. It’s better to let it air dry!

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